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Rilasciato SmarterMail 14.3.5752

Important Notes

There are several important release notes to be aware of before upgrading to this version.

IMPORTANT: SmarterMail 14 now requires Microsoft .NET 4.5. This prevents SmarterMail from running on Windows Server 2003. (Version 14.0.5637).

Version 14.3.5752 (2015-10-01)

  • Added: A move button on the calendar page when viewing all appointments.
  • Added: Accounts using Active Directory now have an option to set the authentication username instead of using the SmarterMail account's username.
  • Added: Importing users from LDAP now have an option to set the SmarterMail username from the LDAP email address field instead of the Active Directory username.
  • Added: New user setting to control if link URLs are added to the right of links when printing email messages.
  • Added: System administrators now have an option to not deliver postmaster messages to the global postmaster mailbox if the message was delivered to a domain account.
  • Added: The Indexing Status page now includes the time with the date under the Time Queued column.
  • Added: The Indexing Status page now shows the item count in the tab header.
  • Added: The svcMailListAdmin.asmx web service now includes functions for adding, modifying and deleting subscriber fields.
  • Added: The svcServerAdmin.asmx Web service now includes a GetWhitelistEntries2 and SetWhitelistEntry2 which properly handles whitelisting for the greylist and XMPP.
  • Added: The users grid now includes the time with the date under the Last Login column.
  • Added: Work around for an iOS issue where the organizer of an event could get removed when syncing using Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Changed: Domain limits for new users, aliases, domain aliases, mailing lists and POP/IMAP retrieval accounts are now checked when clicking the new button.
  • Changed: Messages to disabled domains marked as external will now be accepted and routed to that domains MX record or host address.
  • Changed: Modifying the number of indexing threads no longer requires the SmarterMail service to be restarted to take effect.
  • Changed: The category filter in webmail now includes categories from users of shared items.
  • Changed: Users can now move personal events between their calendars using the Calendar drop down field when editing the event in webmail.
  • Changed: Viewing appointment conflicts in webmail now displays the user(s) that have scheduled a domain conference room that is part of the conflict.
  • Fixed: A correct response is now given when a device tries to sync an item that doesn't exist using Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: A cross site scripting issue involving the system administrators show password function.
  • Fixed: A scenario where Samsung devices syncing with Exchange ActiveSync would not always sync meeting events that were accepted on the device.
  • Fixed: A user replying to a message that was sent to the user's domain alias address no longer includes that address as a recipient.
  • Fixed: Attachment names encoded with quoted printable no longer have underscores removed when downloading from webmail.
  • Fixed: Attendee availability popup in webmail now correctly shows all user's appointments based on the domain's public availability settings.
  • Fixed: Auto Responders now correctly handle SRS encoded addresses.
  • Fixed: Cancelling a meeting event in Outlook 2011 for Mac using Exchange Web Services now properly sends cancellation notification emails to attendees.
  • Fixed: Cancelling a meeting event in Outlook 2016 for an event that was already removed no longer causes the cancellation email to stay indefinitely in the outbox.
  • Fixed: Certain types of domain level events will no longer display multiple times in webmail.
  • Fixed: Deleting an instance of a recurring calendar event now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Disabled domains no longer accept messages to the postmaster or aliases.
  • Fixed: DKIM now verifies messages correctly that have a header line containing a single space.
  • Fixed: Filtering the messages displayed in the email grid in webmail by doing a search or applying a view filter and then selecting all messages and performing an action on them now correctly operates on the list of displayed messages and not all messages in the folder.
  • Fixed: Long HTML links are now wrapped properly when printing email messages in webmail.
  • Fixed: Message retrieval using IMAP now handles 8-bit MIME messages properly.
  • Fixed: Messages in the spool that contain a calendar appointment now display correctly.
  • Fixed: Messages with a multipart/appledouble MIME content type are now handled correctly in webmail and using Exchange Web Services.
  • Fixed: Negative weights now save correctly when overriding spam weights at the domain level.
  • Fixed: Removing a domain resource no longer results in an error displayed for users when viewing their calendar until the user logs out and back in to webmail.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with starting an add-on trial through a web proxy.
  • Fixed: Servers with certain types of default text encodings now display 8-bit MIME messages correctly when using Exchange ActiveSync, POP or webmail.
  • Fixed: SmarterMail servers using failover now display correct IP binding information when viewing domain details.
  • Fixed: The event organizer can now edit the attendee list when the organizers address is also in the attendee list.
  • Removed: Checkboxes and priority columns in the grids of the Indexing Status page which had no use.
  • Removed: The Move button was removed from the calendar event edit page in favor of a drop down field to select which calendar an event belongs to.


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