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Rilasciato SmarterMail 14.2.5711

Version 14.2.5711 (2015-08-21)

  • Changed: Impersonating an account that doesn't exist now shows an error message in the impersonation modal window instead of a new popup window.
  • Fixed: Adding and modifying a message in the same sync command in Exchange Web Services no longer adds the message twice.
  • Fixed: An event deletion now properly syncs using Exchange Web Services in the scenario that the user receives an event cancellation message and then deletes the event in webmail.
  • Fixed: Cipher suites introduced with TLS 1.2 now function correctly.
  • Fixed: Clicking menu items on touch devices using the primary webmail interface now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: Clicking to the bottom of the compose window with a blank signature selected and then changing the signature will no longer result in the previously entered text being replaced with the new signature.
  • Fixed: Deleting multiple contacts to which the user has full control permissions will no longer display a message that some contacts were read only and could not be deleted.
  • Fixed: Editing a contact on Mac Mail synced with CardDAV no longer loses the address and phone number fields.
  • Fixed: Modifying a user's master category list no longer clears out categories on contacts and tasks that are not in the new master category list.
  • Fixed: Performing an Exchange ActiveSync search now searches all mailbox folders if a CollectionId is not specified.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where some licenses were deactivating without reason.
  • Fixed: Saving IP ranges for blacklist and whitelist entries now functions correctly.
  • Fixed: The birth date field now properly syncs with eM Client using CarDAV.
  • Fixed: The ItemNotFound response from Exchange Web Services now includes all required fields.
  • Fixed: The type of a calendar invite message is now properly passed to the client when using Exchange Web Services.


21 agosto 2015
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