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Rilasciato MailStore Server 9.2

MailStore Server 9.2 introduces a powerful job scheduler that is completely integrated and eliminates the use of external tools such as Windows Task Scheduler. This allows any security and maintenance tasks to be automated according to a schedule and conveniently monitored via a central interface. This includes backups, rebuilding corrupt search indices, verifying data integrity, and compacting databases.

Additional new features of version 9.2 include advanced support for Microsoft Office 365. Companies that do not have their own Active Directory can now also synchronize the MailStore Server user list directly with Office 365. MailStore Server user authentication can now be carried out directly using the Office 365 access data.

End users will be especially pleased with the optimization of the message list for MailStore Web Access and the Outlook add-in. This makes it much easier to navigate through extensive search results or folder contents, resulting in significantly increased user friendliness.


  • Improved: Improved performance when retrieving groups from Microsoft Office 365.
  • Fixed: Synchronizing users from a Microsoft Office 365 environment with more than 100 users fails.
  • Fixed: Web Access, Outlook Add-in: Compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with .NET Framework 4.6.
  • Fixed: Various minor bug fixes.
  • New: A new job scheduler makes it easy to run maintenance tasks such as backup, data integrity check and index rebuild on a regular basis. The scheduler, which is completely integrated into MailStore Server, is able to run any Management API command.
  • New: The Microsoft Office 365 directory services can now be used by MailStore for user synchronization and authentication.
  • Improved: Web Access and the add-in for Microsoft Outlook now come with a completely rewritten message list view which makes it possible to scroll through large folder contents and search results with minimum latency.
  • Improved: Improved MailStore Server now supports the 64-bit version of MDaemon Messaging Server.
  • Fixed: The information displayed in reports of multi-mailbox archiving profiles is misleading under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Web Access, Outlook Add-in: Saved searches cannot be opened or deleted, depending on characters used in their names and the browser used.
  • Fixed: Some executable files are not marked as DPI aware, causing the user interface to look blurry depending on Windows version and DPI settings.
  • Fixed: Accessing Microsoft Outlook without access to the mailbox root folder causes an access violation.
  • Fixed: An advanced archive store cannot be created on a SQL Server with a Turkish server collation. Please note that even with this bug fix, the collation of the database used for MailStore still cannot be Turkish.
  • Fixed: Opening S/MIME messages in Outlook, restoring to Outlook and exporting to MSG/PST may fail under certain circumstances with the error message “Accessing content stream of non-leaf entities is not supported.”
  • Fixed: Some windows in MailStore Client are displayed incorrectly when Windows has a DPI setting other than 96 dpi (100%) and/or windows are resized.
  • Fixed: Certain Outlook messages cannot be processed by MailStore. The error “Argument is out of range of valid values.” is displayed.
  • Fixed: Google Apps directory services synchronization may hang under certain circumstances if a large number of users or groups exists.
  • Fixed: Indexing message bodies and attachments in HTML format is performed incorrectly under certain circumstances, causing the results of full text searches to be incomplete. Rebuild search indexes if you encounter this error.
  • Fixed: File system archiving profiles cannot be created with drag and drop from Windows Explorer, as stated in the documentation.
  • Fixed: Some multi-select enabled tables in MailStore Client react very slowly if a large number of items is selected.
  • Fixed: Some multi-select enabled tables in MailStore Client don’t accept the Ctrl+A hotkey for selecting all items.


MailStore Server 9.2 is now available for download free of charge to all existing customers with active update and support service. A free, unlimited 30-day trial version is also available for download.


30 giugno 2015
  • Aggiornamenti software

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