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MailArchive – Gmail in versione gratuita non più supportato

Google G Suite continuerà ad essere regolarmente supportato

20/02/19 gatti Update

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Informiamo tutti i Partner che, a partire dal 22 Febbraio 2019, il servizio MailArchive – che lavora con tecnologia MailStore - non supporterà più l’archiviazione delle caselle di posta di Gmail in versione gratuita.

Riportiamo di seguito la comunicazione inoltrata dal vendor.

Dear partner,

Unfortunately, changes to Google’s policies for using APIs mean that it is no longer possible for us as a software vendor to obtain authorization to access Gmail mailboxes via the Email Archive Client of our MailStore Service Provider Edition. Our on-prem solutions MailStore Home and MailStore Server, and the ability to access Google’s G Suite mailboxes remain unaffected by this development.

New accesses to Gmail mailboxes in the Email Archive Client can no longer be granted as of 22 February 2019. Google will withdraw existing access authorizations on 31 March. The Gmail profile will be removed from a forthcoming version of the Email Archive Client.


Google is currently updating its policies on the use of Google APIs. This can be seen as a response to last July’s controversial discussions around access to Gmail accounts by external developers, which we commented on in our blog at the time.

The focus is on all applications that use APIs to access sensitive data held in Google accounts. It comes as little surprise, then, that the accessing of emails held in Gmail mailboxes has also come under scrutiny.


As a result of the policy changes, developers of applications that use corresponding APIs and have therefore registered their applications with Google are now obliged to provide links to their own websites and data privacy policies as well as categorize the type of the application in question. Google then verifies the information provided. These links also form part of the “consent dialog”, whereby a user grants consent for the application to access his/her mailbox.

Applications for verification must be submitted by 15 February 2019. Otherwise, Google will deactivate the authorization of new applications on 22 February 2019 and withdraw any previously issued authorizations for unverified applications on 31 March.

In the case of our on-prem applications MailStore Home and MailStore Server, we have been able to make appropriate statements with regard to how our applications process data, as processing takes place exclusively on the user side. For obvious reasons, this has not been possible for the MailStore Service Provider Edition and the Email Archive Client application. Use of the Gmail profile within the Email Archive Client of the MailStore Service Provider Edition will consequently be restricted or deactivated on the above-mentioned dates.

Future Options

As we do not collect usage data in the MailStore Service Provider Edition, we do not have any figures on the potential number of end customers affected. But since we are assuming that the actual number of users who use a Gmail address for business purposes is very low, we have decided to remove the Gmail profile as the most obvious option.

However, if you have a keen interest in offering Gmail archiving and are possibly prepared to sign up as a developer with Google yourself and provide the required information to Google, please let us know.

Mailboxes that are provided via Google G Suite are NOT affected by these changes.

Kind regards from Viersen,

Daniel Weuthen

Director of Engineering

Ripe Ncc Member