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Rilasciato MailStore Server 9.7

What's New in MailStore Server?

26/01/17 Update

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MailStore Server 9.7

April 20, 2016

  • New New Gmail archiving profile with OAuth support and the option to automatically remove messages from the mailbox. Please refer to the update Notices for further details if you are using the Google Mail archiving profile.
  • Improved Simplified configuration for indexing email attachment content of supported file types. Additionally, a message on the dashboard notifies the admin about a missing configuration of indexing.
  • Improved Check for supported Adobe PDF iFilter versions added.
  • Improved Client: Minor UI refresh of the dashboard.
  • Improved Improved translations.
  • Fixed When synchronizing users with Google Apps, invalid MailStore users are created if the primary email address of the user contains uppercase letters.
  • Fixed Syncronizing users with Google Apps is limited to 200 users per group.
  • Fixed Under certain circumstances BCC recipients are shown to non-admin users by mistake.
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes und improvements.

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