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Rilasciato EgoSecure 10.2

EgoSecure Data Protection 10.2 now available

24/11/15 Update

Adjusting the release strategy to dynamic threats!

The threats IT departments are faced with in companies and public institutions develop more and more dynamic and it seems that attackers are always one step ahead. Can traditional release strategies of Security software vendors still work under such circumstances? Most of them only launch one or a maximum of two new product releases per year.

We do not think so.

EgoSecure Data Protection 10.2 now available

In accordance with the adjusted release strategy the product version 10.2 with many new features has been launched last week. The most important new features are:


  • The "What's New analysis": in our module Insight you can immediately see what has changed in the network. Spreading viruses can immediately be detected and the defensive measures can be initiated.
  • The agent of version 10.2 is now barrier free, which makes the operation of the software for people with disabilities significantly easier.
  • To be better protected against BAD-USBs, a white list for keyboards is now available. The authorized user can allow a keyboard via self-release if he wants to actually connect one. If it´s anything else then a keyboard, the user is informed and able to block that other device.
  • In the Full Disk Encryption module we introduced profiles which allow you to manage recurring configurations on a large number of computers easily and intuitively.
  • The content filter in the new version also analyzes the contents of .zip, .rar- and .7zip archives and applies the filter settings if needed.
  • Due to the https support all communication has been made even more secure. Now it is also possible to administer the agents outside the network.

Find more information concerning the new version 10.2 here!

Ripe Ncc Member