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Rilasciato SmarterTrack 11.3.5752

SmarterTools is proud to announce the minor release of SmarterTrack 11.3.5752!

06/10/15 Update

Important Notes

There are several important release notes to be aware of before upgrading to this version.

IMPORTANT: SmarterTrack 11 now requires Microsoft .NET 4.5. Some changes to custom web.config files may be required. (Version 11.0.5598)


Version 11.3.5752 (2015-10-01)

  • Added: Auto-complete for the Email Address field when creating Call Logs.
  • Added: Brand level setting to add custom content to the Portal's footer.
  • Added: Knowledge Base Article API Calls now returns Score and ScoreVotes.
  • Added: Merge tickets popup now shows what agent is assigned to each ticket.
  • Changed: Advanced search results can now be sorted.
  • Changed: Terms used in Advanced Search now use AND logic instead of OR logic meaning all terms searched must be found for the result to be returned.
  • Fixed: Adding a Call Log for a user who has a cell number, but not a home phone number, does not populate the phone field.
  • Fixed: Adding code snippets with editor does not reflect properly on the email that is generated.
  • Fixed: Documentation for API Call SetTicketProperties has been corrected.
  • Fixed: Editing a Task would show the due date as tomorrow's date instead of the actual due date.
  • Fixed: Emails with apostrophes will no longer be parsed or changed.
  • Fixed: Invite To Chat text can overflow the bounds of the window if the message is too long.
  • Fixed: Live Chats were not being disabled during set Holidays.
  • Fixed: Names for External Feeds that contain apostrophes are not rendered correctly on the Portal.
  • Fixed: On the mobile interface, Live Chat transcripts showed the time started in UTC instead of local time.
  • Fixed: Organizations grid can not be sorted.
  • Fixed: Passing 0 as the CategoryID for the GetArtciles API call now returns all articles correctly.
  • Fixed: Pin Ticket To Agent Action is not triggering for Ticket Created Event.
  • Fixed: Pin Ticket To Agent Action is not triggering when the queue assigns a Ticket.
  • Fixed: Quick search for Organizations now returns correct results.
  • Fixed: Quick Search in Call Logs now returns correct results.
  • Fixed: Ticket Watcher thread would show as starting even though it was running.
  • Fixed: Unbroken strings of characters would run outside the bounds of the conversation window within Tickets.
  • Fixed: When save is clicked multiple times on a comment multiple comments will no longer be added.
  • Fixed: Who's On Filters were not being triggered unless they were assigned to a specific brand.

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