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Rilasciato SmarterTrack 11.2.5703

SmarterTools is proud to announce the minor release of SmarterTrack 11.2.5703!

13/08/15 Update

Version 11.2.5703 (2015-08-13)

  • Added: "Email me my tickets" page in the portal will now pre-fill user's email address if they are logged in and the email has been verified.
  • Added: A new event action for tickets to Pin Ticket to Agent.
  • Added: A new event is available for when a new user is registered in the portal.
  • Added: End users can now search their own tickets in the portal.
  • Added: More reply scenarios have been added to the reply detection scanner.
  • Added: Tickets can now be merged together.
  • Added: Users can now vote on whether knowledge base articles are helpful or not.
  • Fixed: A possible null reference exception in live chat links was resolved.
  • Fixed: Agent welcome message in live chat will no longer appear if the chat is pushed to the queue.
  • Fixed: An issue preventing knowledge base comments from being available was resolved.
  • Fixed: Atom feeds will now have dates parsed correctly.
  • Fixed: Automatic chat translation will no longer run if the end user chooses the same language that is set as the department preferred language.
  • Fixed: Automatically created Time Log Reports will now show customer data correctly in the reports.
  • Fixed: Brands will now have proper defaults in new installations.
  • Fixed: Call Log quick custom field popup will now no longer show an error page.
  • Fixed: Community Posts and Comments will now display properly even if the owner is deleted.
  • Fixed: Date picker now puts date in correct format when your language is not English.
  • Fixed: Drop down menus and buttons in management interface will now work correctly when you have an embedded video.
  • Fixed: Escape key now closes the Add Comment popup.
  • Fixed: First email for a ticket will no longer be trimmed of reply content.
  • Fixed: If a user does not have permission to start a chat, the live chat link will no longer show in the portal.
  • Fixed: Live Chat Queue times now shows correct time in grid when chat is still in Queue.
  • Fixed: Name and Email address are now indexed in Call Logs.
  • Fixed: New Call Log window from user preview window now fills out name properly.
  • Fixed: Null reference exception has been fixed in who's on filters.
  • Fixed: Recent Tickets and Recently Transferred were incorrectly indicating that they could be sorted.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue in upgraded installations where the file attachment upload boxes were not appearing in the portal.
  • Fixed: Submitting an invalid date range in advanced search will no longer break.
  • Fixed: The ability to disable a POP account temporarily has been fixed.
  • Fixed: When an agent creates a ticket for another agent, the outgoing message count in reporting will now properly reflect the action.
  • Fixed: When you delete an attachment from a ticket it now disconnects it from the message.
  • Fixed: When you type in an email address and hit enter for call log advanced search, it will now do the search.
  • Fixed: X-auto-response-suppress header in email messages will no longer prevent the new ticket auto-responder from being sent.


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