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EgoSecure 10 in fase Beta

Beta-Phase of Version 10 begins - first steps in the new era of data security

10/08/15 Update

With the implementation of innovative Insight module, the German IT-security specialist EGOSECURE introduces a new way of data protection with the upcoming version 10 of its product solution. The creation of fear scenarios, that spread panic in the market, will no longer give reasons for the IT-departments to provide comprehensive data protection solutions. The facts in the Insight module will represent the overall security-related situation in the IT-network for each client individually. Thus the basis for professional and economic decisions regarding the necessary protection measures will be provided, which can then be set up with the modules of EGOSECURE. The proven protection modules of EGOSECURE DATA PROTECTION have a lot of interesting changes.


The new product version 10 is now in the beta phase.

Main new features in EgoSecure Data Protection:

  • the Insight module, that presents the idea of the new era in data security
  • the protection against badUSB has been extended
  • new Audit functions in Application Control, sensitive data cannot be read e.g. via Trojans
  • the user can be informed about every access attempt and even block it
  • further enhancements in Hard Dick Encryption
  • two new Encryption Apps for Android and iOS after isolating encryption from the MDM module

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