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Mail Manager per Team

MailManager per Teams
Simple and intuitive ticketing

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A Ticket System is a powerful tool that allows you to improve the work efficiency of a group of people. All support requests are automatically captured by the ticket system that associates them with the customers listed in the registry and proposes them to users in an ordered checklist. This method greatly facilitates your work in comparison to the use of the mailbox only.

According to your needs, various support queues can be generated, these queues are called departments. A department such as administration, commercial, assistance, transport, etc ... is associated with an e-mail address. For the customer, it will be enough to send requests to these addresses and the emails will go directly to the ticket system queue.

Each customer request becomes a ticket with a unique number.

Responding to a ticket is quick and easy.

The advantages

Competitive price

Greater productivity

Reliable and safe

Efficient customer support


Ticket - Action list

  • Create new ticket
  • Asnwer ticket
  • Foward ticket
  • Create new note
  • Change ticket object
  • Change ticket recipient
  • Change associated Company
  • Change associated tail
  • Change area /subarea
  • Change ticket owner
  • Change priority
  • Change status
  • Move to trash
  • Copy public link
  • Include in Sla
  • Oper attachment

Ticket Queue Configurations - Action List

  • Create new ticket queue
  • Change default area / sub area
  • Change operators who log into the queue and can receive notifications
  • Set new ticket notification template for company and operator
  • Set ticket notification response template
  • Set ticket closure notification template

Answer ticket

  • Create a new answer template
  • Activate/deactivate answer template
  • Delete response template

Filters - Action list

  • Create new filter
  • Set filter conditions
  • Activate/deactivate filter
  • Delete filter

Company - Action List

  • Add company
  • Add company general/contact information
  • Match a domain to a Company
  • Add note

Status - Action List

  • Create new status
  • Set status order
  • Set status color
  • Set a status to a ticket answer
  • Delete Status
  • Set status to a company's answer

Priorities - Action List

  • Create new priority
  • Set as default
  • Set priority color
  • Set priority order
  • Delete priority

Area - Action List

In this section it is possible to insert and / or modify the areas and sub-areas of the tickets

  • Create new area / sub area
  • Delete area / sub area