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Business application suite

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the best Application Suite for all Companies

1Suite offers a suite of over 6 business and productivity applications with only one very convenient subscription!
Designed for small to medium-sized companies that want to grow and improve productivity through advanced business tools that are generally the prerogative only of large companies because they are very expensive. 1Suite has very low costs and is therefore accessible to all companies from 5 users up.
Thanks to 1Suite, System Integrator and Managed Service Provider can evolve to Cloud Solution Provider without renouncing their identity towards customers. Unlike the Microsoft Office365 offer, with 1Suite the customers remain with the Partner who maintains its centrality towards its customers.
There are no other similar solutions on the market designed for the Channel! Thanks to 1Suite it is possible to offer customers what they need in a single subscription. The whole organization improves processes and the sales, marketing and support team immediately become more productive. The services included in the 1Suite subscription are:

  • Professional e-mail at the highest level
  • Newsletter marketing for your advertising campaigns and mass email communications
  • Contract signature management as simple and fast as Adobe Sign
  • System for sharing and organizing files via the internet such as DropBox
  • Remote Control Software to access your PC wherever you are, just like TeamViewer
  • Easy Ticket System, for your customer care (available soon)

It is also included in the cost of 1Suite:

  • Web Hosting for Performance Website (WordPress, Joomla or other CMS)
  • Internet domain, SSL certificate and distributed DNS

The advantages

Competitive price

Greater productivity

Single subscription

Business Evolution

RocketMail, the professional e-mail

RocketMail is an alternative e-mail solution to Microsoft Outlook by Office365. Those who are not fond of the e-mail service offered by Microsoft, with RocketMail inboxes will have no regrets. Unlike other providers' e-mail services, RocketMail mailboxes contain advanced features.
Professional and scalable e-mail service with chat and server for collaboration. An e-mail service for companies with webmail that integrates advanced features of:

  • video conference
  • legend
  • activity
  • notes
  • address book
  • file sharing
  • instant messaging
  • possibility of synchronization with iOS and Android thanks to the ActiveSync option

RocketMail, the integrated Video Conference function

RocketMail's Video Conferencing with Team Workspaces feature provides a workspace that includes real-time audio and video sessions, group chat, and document sharing. It is possible to invite an unlimited number of participants to the meeting, bearing in mind that the audio/video chat is managed through a peer-to-peer system (limited to 8 participants).

To use Team Workspaces, simply login to your webmail and click on the dedicated button, but make sure you are logged in via a secure HTTPS connection (not HTTP). Once the session starts, you will find yourself in front of the dashboard with an area dedicated to videoconferencing on the left side. By clicking on Join Video Chat we will be able to interact with the webcam and microphone with the other interlocutors. Features:

  • Workspace Details
    is the area where you can manage all permits on the created meeting
  • Video Settings
    an area to manage default settings for the meeting: Video quality, Microphone, Speaker
  • Meeting Link
    the area where to find the meeting link. You can copy it and share it with other people.
  • File Storage
    area where we can keep monitored the use in terms of.
  • Chat
    the area where you can interact via chat with other people present in the meeting.

Newsletter marketing for your advertising campaigns

RocketNews is an alternative to MailChimp and MailUp designed to satisfy all those companies that have the same communication needs as large companies but have a limited number of recipients. With RocketNewsletter companies can communicate with their customers regarding for example:

  • corporate communications
  • updates of commercial price-lists
  • information on new products and services
  • offers and promotions
  • news and articles
  • instant messaging
  • participation in demonstrations and events
  • information on office hours
  • wishes for the holidays
  • and much more…

Sigillo, for all contracts' signature

Sigillo is a web application similar to Adobe Sign or DocuSign but very convenient and simple to use with a specific feature for the Italian market, thanks to the integration with the PEC.
The process of sending the contracts is carried out entirely via web browser, both for those who send the contract and for those who receive it.
The process is simple, but the criteria behind it are far more complex and elaborate. When the contract is sent, the document hash is recorded as a guarantee for the signer that the contract cannot be changed after signing. Each operation is tracked in a log file, so if a customer opens the email and views the contract but does not sign it, all operations are registered. This way, it is possible to follow the signs of progress at any time. Via an encrypted link and a password, the customer can retrieve his contract at any moment. Once the contract has been signed thanks to the integration with the PEC, it is possible with a click to send the signatory a certified email containing a copy of the contract.

Sygma Connect for remote control

Sygma Connect is the remote control solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX with an all-Italian technology that wants to be a reliable and safe alternative to TeamViewer! All remote control sessions are recorded and can be consulted via the web as well as filterable and exportable in a CSV file.
With Sygma Connect you have:

  • Maximum security, thanks to HTTPS connections and encryption
  • Instant start sessions
  • Detailed and downloadable session history
  • Grouping of computers in the address book
  • Computers grouping in the address book
  • Multiple password per host

RocketBox for sharing and organizing files via the internet

RocketBox is a Cloud file sharing and organization service like DropBox. Users can access files from a single web interface, using any device, at any time, from anywhere, while maintaining the confidentiality of data.
In addition to allowing file sharing, RocketBox has a collaborative editing function that allows you to create and edit Word and Excel documents using an integrated online editor.
Through the browser you can:

  • file sharing
  • create and send password protected public links
  • allow other users to upload files to RocketBox
  • receive notifications on your smartphone and desktop
  • do full text or tag-based searches
  • create Word and Excel documents and edit them directly online between multiple users such as Google Docs

Mail Manager for Teams for customer care

A Ticket System is a powerful tool that allows you to improve the work efficiency of a group of people. All support requests are automatically captured by the ticket system that associates them with the customers listed in the registry and proposes them to users in an ordered checklist. This method greatly facilitates your work in comparison to the use of the mailbox only.
Based on your needs, different support queues can be created, which can be defined as departments. A department such as administration, commercial, assistance, transport etc .. is associated with an e-mail address.
For the customer, it will be enough to send requests to these addresses and the emails will go directly to the ticket system queue. Each customer request converts into a ticket with a unique number. Responding to a ticket is quick and easy with several options are available.

Web Hosting for Performance Website

RocketWeb is a professional web hosting sized and configured to manage WordPress, Joomla, or tailor-made websites. RocketWeb guarantees efficiency and performance superior to other hosting offers.
At any time, in case of an increased number of needs on the website hosted on RocketWeb, it is possible to increase the resources assigned to it. All companies that have an institutional site and presentation of their offer can rest assured that RocketWeb is the best offer for their needs.

Internet domain, SSL certificate and distributed DNS

Registering a domain is crucial for the image of your company, as it uniquely distinguishes it on the internet. SSL certificates are an essential element to ensure the security of your business. They allow you to protect websites and all data transmitted electronically, without having to incur huge costs.
With 1Suite Domain (.it /.com /.net /.org), SSL certificate and distributed DNS are already included!