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SmarterMail - Price Configurator


License Type
You can choose between three different license types:
For the first SmarterMail activation.
If SmarterMail has not expired yet, to be back operative is enough to buy the license renewal.
The new expiration day/month won't differ from the previous one, but it will be postponed for 1 year.
If SmarterMail already expired, to be back operational the reactivarion of the license is mandatory.
The new expiration date will be set to 1 year after purchase.
You can choose between two different versions:


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Numer of users/mailbox.


Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus
Feel safe with virus protection in an effective, immediate and virus signature-independent way. By offloading CPU work to Cyren servers, you will be protected from outbreaks as they occur without impacting your server.
Cyren Premium Antispam
By using Cyren's Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) service, the efficiency of antispam protection is greatly improved, while the computational requests needed to prevent SPAM are downloaded to Cyren's servers.
Message Sniffer Antispam
Exchange Activesync
Devices configuration via Exchange ActiveSync
MAPI / Exchange Web Services
What are MAPI and EWS?
MAPI and EWS are protocols that allow to natively connect mail clients with mail servers.
MAPI is only available for Windows operating systems with Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2016 for Office365.
EWS is available for Mac operating systems with Microsoft Outlook 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2011 and other clients such as Apple Mail and eM Client.


For the first activation of SmarterMail it is necessary to specify the email of the license holder.
Expiration date
For renewals and reactivations it is mandatory to enter the license expiration date.
License Key
For renewals and reactivations the license key is mandatory.


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