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the fast and easy Workflow for signing contracts

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Easy, affordable, qualified Digital Signature

Sigillo is the remote digital signature that allows one to sign contracts with an easy and fast workflow. The process of sending the contracts is carried out entirely via web browser, both for those who send the contract and for those who receive it.
Using Sigillo is very simple:

  1. A PDF document is loaded on Sigillo and check boxes, dates and signatures that the customer must complete are dragged into the contract.
  2. You select the contract to be sent and then the email recipients that have to sign the contract
  3. The customer that receives the contract to sign, fills the data from the browser and finally signs it. You and the customer will receive the confirmation of the contract to be signed

The process is simple, but the criteria by which the application works are more complex and elaborate. When the contract is sent the document's hash is registered as a guarantee for the person signing that the contract cannot be edited after the signature.
Each operation is logged, therefore if a customer opens the email and views the contract without signing it, operations are registered. This way it is possible to understand the progress of the practice at every moment. Through a coded link and a password, the customer can redeem his contract at any time.
Sigillo is a digital signature just like Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and Aruba, but extremely easier to use and much more affordable.
We created the product thinking about the SME that needs contracts signed by the customers, speeding up and streamlining the process.


Competitive price

Greater productivity

Reliable and efficient

Business Evolution

Double identity verification

Email confirmation + SMS confirmation on mobile number

To verify that the signer is actually who they say they are, the documents are sent to the signer's email address who must validate their identity through their mobile number.

Double Integrity: Documents' hash + PEC sending

To guarantee the integrity of the documents in remote digital signature, the system calculates the hash and inserts it in the summary sent and at the end of the signature process a copy of the signed contract is sent via certified e-mail, sealing the process in effect.

Tracking of information

All information such as date and time of dispatch, opening date and time (of each opening), signature date and time, are tracked by a report linked to each document sent.

Legal value

Sigillo documents are signed with qualified electronic signature (QES) with a certificate released by a trust service Provider qualified in Italy, following the provisions of the European Regulation eiDAS eiDAS.

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