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GFI FaxMaker
fax communication becomes electronic

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What is GFI FaxMaker

GFI FaxMaker automates fax communication, making it electronic, simple and secure. GFI FaxMaker replaces paper-based fax communication with a simple digital process and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange 2016, Windows 10 (Workstation) and Office 2016.

Fax Maker

The advantages

aumenta sicurezza

Increase efficiency

Increase cybersecurity and productivity

sfrutta applicazioni esistenti

Leverage existing applications

Back-office/front-office and messaging, at no additional cost

migliora procedure aziendali

Improve company procedures

Receive and manage fax communications quickly

trasmissione fax

Eco-friendly fax transmission

The company reduces its CO2 emissions

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Video and Tutorial

Web-based client

GFI FaxMaker offers an internal web-based client interface. This way users can fax via a simple, easy-to-learn web interface, and IT administrators do not need to deploy a client to every computer/user that requires client-based fax communication. IT administrators are able to update the web interface completely and provide all new functions to everyone automatically, without having to redistribute and update every single fax.onforme client agent.
The new web-based client allows users who require special security measures to provide secure fax communication via the HTTPS protocol, giving them peace of mind. to know they are faxing securely and compliantly.

Integration with GFI Archiver

IT administrators with regulatory and compliance obligations to follow to maintain an archive of fax communications can rest assured. GFI FaxMaker integrates with our award-winning GFI Archiver to provide quick archiving and recovery of any fax sent to and from GFI FaxMaker. Text included in all faxes sent and received may be be converted into "normal" text using the optical character recognition (OCR) module, thus making it Searching, retrieving and sorting faxes is much easier. efficient and much more short. Through the parallel use of GFI FaxMaker and GFI Archiver, you get a regulatory compliant fax communications system with equally compliant archiving.

Email to fax, fax to email

With GFI FaxMaker, you can send and receive faxes with your email, thus reducing time and effort. drastically reducing the time required to print, retrieve, insert the fax into the machine and send it manually, and also ensuring that received faxes are not misplaced, lost or read by unauthorized parties.
Sending a fax is as simple as sending an email. Address the fax to, type your message, attach any additional documents and press the "Send" button. You can also send SMS messages in the same way. By using GFI FaxMaker to send and receive faxes and SMS, employees do not need additional training because the procedure integrates seamlessly into their existing workflow.

Virtualization of your fax server

By using GFI FaxMaker in a virtual environment, customers benefit in many ways, both in the short and long term. An immediate advantage is that with a virtualized GFI FaxMaker, you will dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership. (TCO) intended for fax communication. When using Fax-over-IP or mixed communication (via either GFI FaxMaker or etherFAX services), you eliminate the need for fax cards or modems, in turn allowing GFI FaxMaker to be installed in a virtual environment.
Virtualization of your fax server reduces costs, helps business continuity business operations, allows you to consolidate hardware, reduces IT management and overhead costs, and minimizes energy consumption. You do click here to download a white paper on fax communication in a virtual environment.

Fax over IP (FoIP) communication, analogue and digital

GFI FaxMaker integrates with your existing telephone infrastructure including PBXs, IP PBXs or T.38 SIP operators, so to offer analog, digital or Fax over IP (FoIP) fax communication. Fax over IP allows you to fax without additional hardware requirements via the optional host-based Brooktrout SR140 module or TE-SYSTEMS XCAPI. Thanks to FoIP services you can easily send faxes over an IP network or via the Internet, as it integrates with existing IP infrastructure and simplifies virtualization.
Additionally, GFI supports and sells Dialogic TR1034 analogue and digital fax cards for use with GFI FaxMaker.

Mixed fax communication

Combine the powerful feature set of GFI FaxMaker with the convenience of and simplicity of cloud-based fax services.
GFI FaxMaker can send and receive via two online fax services (mixed fax communication), eliminating the need for fax machines and telephone lines. GFI Online Fax Services and etherFAX replace the need to integrate with telephone systems and use expensive fax machines.
GFI Online Fax Services is a secure web-based communication system, facilitated by the https protocol. GFI FaxMaker sends and receives faxes to and from the service. From the latter, the fax is sent or received over traditional TDM networks, eliminating the need to connect phone lines and fax cards to the fax server.
The etherFAX service is a communication system facilitated by the https protocol and which uses additional "defense-in-depth" encryption semantics, to ensure that every operation to/from the service is protected. The faxes are from there transmitted via traditional telephone lines, eliminating QoS (Quality of Service) problems. This service is available in the United States and Canada. Customers have the option to choose Canadian or US data centers where integrity was required country-specific data.

Security and scalability

GFI FaxMaker provides various methods to send and receive faxes securely, including https, email, APIs and more. From mixed secure fax communication via fax services to supported specialized fax cards, each connection option has benefits that ensure your fax communication remains private and secure.
You can maximize the capacity fax production using versatile line configuration settings. Lines/channels can be individually configured to send, receive or send and receive faxes, allowing you to tailor communication to the needs of your business.
The architecture of GFI FaxMaker is highly scalable and supports 5 to thousands of users. It can be configured to work with a single line or with multiple lines. of 100 lines for fax server. It can be installed for high availability, workload sharing (or load balancing) or disaster recovery, without spending a fortune.

Automated fax sorting

GFI FaxMaker can route incoming faxes directly to users' email address, file folders or network printers based on the called fax number (DID or DTMF routing), the sender's fax machine ID (CID routing) , to the line that receives the fax (sorting via line) or via the optional optical character recognition module (OCR sorting). GFI FaxMaker can It also routes all incoming faxes to a specified destination, regardless of other forwarding rules and is You can set a default option to receive faxes if no others are enabled.
GFI FaxMaker can also store all faxes in a database and in an email address. Since most companies make use of the functionality From email to fax and vice versa, email archiving solutions can also store fax and SMS communications.

Fax printer drivers for secure fax communication

GFI FaxMaker boasts two distinct printer drivers, for secure fax communication.
The first is a network printer driver that automatically detects the fax number within the document to be printed in order to be faxed and sends it to the fax server to complete the process. This is an ideal option for printing directly from within applications, reducing the time and effort of sending a fax.
The second is a local printer driver available when you install the GFI FaxMaker client. This way you can fax from virtually any application, set up the fax client and securely deliver the fax to the fax server via the HTTP protocol or via email. You can use your Outlook address book, GFI FaxMaker address book, or enter the fax number and recipient information manually. The GFI FaxMaker client also provides options to choose a specified cover page, set the priority and or add a billing number to your fax communication.

Low-cost operating system support

While GFI FaxMaker is a fax server software solution typically installed on Microsoft Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 operating systems, other server operating systems are also compatible.
GFI FaxMaker 2014 supports installation on Windows 7 and Windows 8, making it very convenient for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Sending faxes is It's easy with the secure GFI FaxMaker client and you can choose to receive faxes in email or file folders.

Text messaging (sms)

Thanks to the explosion of mobile devices, companies consider communication via text message a very valuable tool for quickly and efficiently reaching employees, customers and partners.
Gli SMS sono una forma di comunicazione molto potente, che offre alle aziende la possibilità di ridurre la percentuale di appuntamenti mancati, di comunicare promozioni, aggiornare i clienti con chiamate di controllo, informare i dipendenti in merito ad eventi critici o semplicemente fornire informazioni utili.
The GFI FaxMaker SMS gateway allows you to send SMS messages directly to mobile phones from your email client. Businesses can also automate text messaging using GFI FaxMaker's extensive set of APIs. In fact, the product supports several GSM devices and SMS operators simultaneously, allowing for enterprise-level SMS messaging volume.
GFI FaxMaker offers integration with MessageMedia SMS services and therefore global SMS reach, with guaranteed message delivery.

Integration of applications and multifunction devices

GFI FaxMaker's powerful API allows you to integrate third-party applications that fully automate sending and receiving faxes. The integration of fax technologies reduces the time and cost of manually delivering valuable documents, increasing the security and confidentiality of information shared with customers and business partners. Many leading EHR and ERP vendors have integrated fax communication into their applications via the GFI FaxMaker API.
GFI FaxMaker also integrates with the Nuance eCopy ShareScan SDK and supports multifunction devices (MFDs) from Canon, HP, Konica, Minolta, Ricoh and Xerox. Your MFDs can communicate with GFI FaxMaker to send faxes from the same system as your users and applications. This eliminates the need for multiple phone lines dedicated to various devices, allowing you to centrally record, store and retrieve all faxes.

GFI FaxMaker can save your company thousands of euros in personnel costs, improve workflow efficiency and encourage productivity of employees. It also increases cybersecurity and leverages existing application infrastructure. Gone are the days when you had to wait for incoming faxes or for delivery confirmation of a document at your fax machine.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
    GFI FaxMaker can save your company thousands of euros in personnel costs, improve workflow efficiency and encourage productivity of employees. It also increases cybersecurity and leverages existing application infrastructure. Gone are the days when you had to wait for incoming faxes or for delivery confirmation of a document at your fax machine.
  • Leverage existing applications
    Expand your use of existing business applications, such as back-office/front-office and messaging, without incurring additional software or training costs. Result? Greater productivity and lower costs. Faxes created with GFI fax software also improve your business communications thanks to a uniform and more attractive look. professional.
  • Improve your business procedures
    GFI FaxMaker consente da subito agli utenti di inviare, ricevere e gestire le comunicazioni fax dai loro computer rapidamente e con facilità. Quando i fax sono creati con un elaboratore di testo (o altre applicazioni) oppure mediante posta elettronica (metodo noto come "email-to-fax", cioè da e-mail a fax), i numeri possono essere selezionati dalla rubrica dei client di posta elettronica oppure inseriti manualmente. Ne consegue che il vostro intero processo di comunicazione fax risulta più breve, più efficiente e meglio organizzato.
  • Compliance
    Lo smistamento automatico dei fax in entrata invia i fax direttamente al computer del destinatario, eliminando il rischio che siano cestinati o letti da un destinatario non voluto.
  • Cost reduction
    Sending a manual fax can cause problems. take up to 10 minutes. Labor costs can add up quickly. Electronic fax transmission takes just a few seconds, saving you time and money.
  • Efficiency of remote fax transmission
    The technology of sending email to a fax (email-to-fax) and vice versa (fax-to-email) offers remote users a truly integrated experience. If you can connect to email, then you can fax.
  • Eco-friendly fax transmission
    Electronic fax transmission is not possible. paper. Therefore, not only is it safe and effective, but also helps your company reduce its CO2 emissions.

New License

The new GFI FaxMaker licenses start from a minimum of 10 users up to the unlimited user package.
The product includes the installation of a GFI FaxMaker Server and four fax lines.
During the first purchase, in addition to the number of users, it is possible to further customize your license:

  • If you have more than 4 fax lines to manage, you can select additional ones.
  • For users who want to convert images to text format, the OCR module is available.
  • ` It is then possible to have multiple installations of the FaxMaker server by selecting the additional Fax Server.
  • In the case of licenses for more than 50 users, GFI recommends purchasing the XCAPI solution, a software extension that supports Fax Over IP (FoIP) and allows you to significantly optimize fax traffic.

Software Maintenance is valid starting from the order management date and its duration must be signed for at least 1 year but it is also possible to choose 2 or 3 years.


Come per le nuove licenze, anche il rinnovo può essere sottoscritto per 1, 2 o 3 anni.
When Software Maintenance expires, after a 40-day grace period, the product continues its normal operation but it will no longer be possible to receive support or download new software versions.
If the renewal of the license is managed within the expiration or within the grace period of 40 days, then the new expiration date will not change but will simply be carried forward by 1 year or as many as were requested during the purchase.
If the license renewal is managed beyond the 40 day grace period, it is then necessary to purchase reactivation (or Version Upgrade), which is also available for 1, 2 or 3 years. The new subscription will be valid from the order date.


` It is possible to upgrade users at any time and the minimum quantity required is 5.
Also available for upgrade:

  • Additional linese
  • Fax server
  • OCR module
  • XCAPI lines

The upgrade is always aligned to the expiration date of the license already in use and in the case of a multi-year subscription, users or any additional add-ons will also need to be adapted to it.

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