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Sygma Connect

For Windows, Linux, Mac

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Sygma Connect, the best affordable alternative to TeamViewer

Sygma Conect is the remote control solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX with all-Italian technology!
All remote control sessions are recorded and can be consulted via the web as well as filterable and exportable in a CSV file.

With Sygma Connect you have:

  • Maximum security, thanks to HTTPS connections and encryption
  • Instant start sessions
  • Detailed and downloadable session history
  • Grouping of computers in the address book
  • Computers grouping in the address book
  • Multiple password per host
  • White Label Customization

The advantages

prezzo vantaggioso

Advantageous price


Simple to set up



tecnologia italiana

Italian technology



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Session history

White Label Customization

Sygma Connect, thanks to the White Label function, is customizable.
The White Label function allows you to modify the layout to change: colors, text and insert your company logo to make the instrument truly unique.

Detailed statistics

Comparison chart

  Pro Business Enterprise SmartWorking
Remote access and control of devices
Start-up as a service mode
(unattended access)
Users up to 10 up to 50 over 50 over 50
up to 10 up to 50 over 50 Ratio 1: 1
(1 channel: 1 console)
Simultaneous connections
(the number of consoles that can simultaneously start remote sessions)
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Ratio 1: 1
(1 channel: 1 console)
Centralized management platform
Recordable devices up to 100 up to 400 up to 600 1 device per User
Device policy management
Session Video recording 90 days 90 days
RMM - Remote Monitoring & Management Up to 600 devices
Alert Monitoring
File sharing
Report Audit
MSI installation package
Telephone support
Channel upgrade
Upgrade RMM devices

New License

The number of Channel licenses defines the maximum number of technicians who can simultaneously use Sygma Conenct from their console.

For example, by purchasing 2 Channel licenses, you will be able to connect up to 2 Technicians from their console at the same time.

The technicians defined in Sygma Connect may be more than the number of Channel licenses purchased.

A Technician who connects to the Sygma Connect console with the same username and password from two different PCs uses 2 channels.

What is meant by Session?

A session is a remote connection to a computer

What is meant by Contemporary Session?

When a Technician connects to 2 remote computers at the same time, he is carrying out 2 simultaneous sessions. The current limit is that up to 3 simultaneous sessions can be held from one Console.

Limite Sessioni Contemporanee

The number of concurrent sessions is only a temporary technical limitation. In the future it will be possible to have more than 3 simultaneous sessions from one console.

Connection platforms