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A channel allows to use multiple instances of Sygma Connect at the same time from a console. Channel licenses are not nominal. The number of channels defines the greatest number of operators that can use Sygma Connect at the same time from their console. For instance, with 2 channels, up to to 2 operators can connect from the console.
Operators in Sygma Connect can be more than the number of purchased channels. An operator that connects to the Sygma Connect console with the same credentials on two different computers uses 2 channels.


Comparison Table

Pro Business Enterprise SmartWorking
Remote access and control of devices
Start-up as a service mode
Users Up to 10 Up to 50 over 50 over 50
Channel Up to 10 Up to 50 over 50 Ratio 1:1
(1 channel : 1 console)
Number of consoles that can simultaneously do remote sessions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Ratio 1:1
(1 channel : 1 console)
Centralized management platform
Recordable devices Up to 100 Up to 400 Up to 600 1 Device per User
Device policy management
Video recording of sessions 90 days 90 days
RMM - Remote Monitoring & Management Up to 600 Devices
Alert Monitoring
File transfer
Report Audit
MSI installation package
Telephone support
channel upgrade
RMM Devices Upgrade


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