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N-able N-sight RMM
remote monitoring and management for MSP

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N-Able Unified Manager Platform - The modern IT management platform

The platform lets you manage, secure, backup and automate modern IT while improving the digital experience of your users and employees on every device

3 features in one solution.

N-sight is the simple but complete remote monitoring and management, ticket management and invoicing solution that gives your business an edge.

Solutions included:

  • Remote monitoring and management with N-able RMM
  • Remote access with N ‑ able Take Control
  • Ticket and billing management with N‑able MSP Manager
N-able RMM dashboard

Remote monitoring and management

Ensure a secure and productive IT environment. Completely service, manage and protect your customers with N‑able RMM (N-able formerly known as SolarWinds MSP). The easy-to-use remote monitoring and management solution designed to get started quickly and scale as your MSP business grows.


  • Activation of new users in record time
  • Protection of users from threats
  • Simplified access and predefined tracking templates
  • Pre-integrated automation
  • Third-party patches and APIs
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Security on multiple levels

Fast remote access

Solve customer problems on the go with N‑ablen Take Control (N-able formerly known as SolarWinds MSP). The solution for Assistance, fast file transfer and Live chat.


  • Assisted and unattended remote support
  • Native app for mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Multi-platform support (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux)
  • 256-bit AES data encryption and TLS1.2
  • Dynamic support for multiple 4K monitors
  • Support for six languages
N-able Take control dashboard
N-able MSP Manager dashboard

Simplified ticket management and billing

The N‑able MSP Manager (N-able formerly known as SolarWinds MSP) solution that enables simplified ticket management and billing to reduce costs and improve workflows.


  • Ticket management
  • Timing monitoring
  • Automated billing
  • Branded customer portal
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Digital workflows and reporting
  • Mobile applications

Monitoring and management of devices and networks

RMM features allow you to manage devices and endpoints in one place and become a competitive MSP.

Customer problem solving and comprehensive support

Reduce time to resolution with automated remediation tasks and intuitive dashboards.

Effective management of tickets and sending invoices to customers

Use RMM to automatically create and track activities performed on tickets. Invoice your work more easily,

Configuring patching and automatic updates

Run patches from the main dashboard with single-window details and third-party patch support. Identify and resolve risks with scheduled and on-demand patch scans.

  • Use third-party patching support for the most common application families, including Apple, Google, Java, Adobe, zip tools, and others.
  • Benefit from continuous updates for Microsoft Windows with support for Exchange and Microsoft 365, and approve and install Windows drivers during maintenance windows.
  • Apply patches to macOS devices safely!
N-able RMM Patch