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Acronis RMM
Semplifica la gestione della protezione dei clienti e l'automazione delle patch

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Semplifica la gestione della protezione dei clienti e l'automazione delle patch

Trascorri meno tempo a gestire soluzioni diverse e concentrati invece sulla protezione dei dati, delle applicazioni e dei sistemi dei clienti.
Acronis RMM automatizza le operazioni di patch management e semplifica la pianificazione del lavoro.


  • Endpoint Security Management
  • Patch Management
  • Safe patch application
  • Automatic detection and installation of agents remotely
  • Software and hardware inventory
  • Remote wipe of devices
  • Control the console without using your hands
  • Default protection plans
  • Remote point-to-site (P2S) VPN access
Acronis RMM

Advanced patch management

Mantieni aggiornati i sistemi dei clienti e la sicurezza grazie a funzionalità integrate di vulnerability assessment e patch management.

Patch management automation

Save time with automated patch management capabilities and foolproof patching technology.

\Comprehensive management tools

Semplifica la pianificazione con la raccolta di inventari software, la pianificazione dei report e il monitoraggio dello stato delle unità.

Patch Management

To ensure the security of corporate environments, software patches and updates are essential, which fix known vulnerabilities before they become problems. Support for Microsoft and third-party software patch management on Windows allows you to manually schedule or execute patch deployment, providing your customers continuous protection.

Monitoring and reporting flexibility

Simple and intuitive reporting helps you streamline processes and gives your technicians the insights they need to properly support customers. Customize dashboard widgets to view reports on drive health, active alerts, missing updates and quickly identify and resolve issues.

Acronis RMM