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TuxCare Live Patching

TuxCare Live Patching
Automate and patch vulnerabilities

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Live Patching with TuxCare

The TuxCare solution allows you to automate patching of vulnerabilities for all major enterprise Linux distributions, shared libraries, databases, IoT devices, and virtual machines. Thanks to this solution, you won't even have to worry about kernel reboots, system downtime, or delaying patch application using scheduled maintenance windows.

Why TuxCare?

  • You have access to over 100,000 continuously updated patches
  • You don't need to reboot after applying patches
  • It is an infrastructure-independent solution: it is compatible on-premise or on the cloud.
  • It integrates seamlessly with automation tools, vulnerability scanners, and more.

Choose the KernelCare edition that best suits your needs:

Gestione delle Patch

KernelCare Enterprise

For Linux infrastructures that require enhanced security measures and adherence to internal and external compliance requirements
They are included:

  • Live kernel patching
  • Supported system count (physical device, VM, or cloud instance)
    Unlimited Systems
  • Real-time patching for shared libraries (LibCare)
  • Customizable patch deployment policies
  • Secure patch server for air-gapped networks
  • Integration with vulnerability scanners for real-time compliance reporting based on patches

Gestione delle Patch

KernelCare SimplePatch

For organizations with smaller infrastructures seeking security and uninterrupted operation for their Linux systems
They are included:

  • Live kernel patching
  • Supported system count (physical device, VM, or cloud instance)
    Up to 50 Systems

Additional add-ons:

Librerie condivise addon


Add-on component
included in KernelCare Enterprise

With LibCare, you can add shared libraries to automate patching for OpenSSL and glibc using TuxCare.

mantieni aggiornato ecosistema Enterprise Internet of Things

KernelCare IoT

Add-on component

With Kernel IoT, you can also apply patches to ARM64-based devices and all connected components within your IoT environment to keep the entire ecosystem up-to-date.

Applicazione delle patch a sistemi di virtualizzazione


Add-on component

Automated and rebootless patches for virtual machines in OpenStack, ProxMox, or OpenNebula with TuxCare's QEMUCare.

Is your operating system or code no longer supported? Choose Extended Support!

TuxCare's Extended Lifecycle Support allows you to receive automated vulnerability patches for end-of-life (EOL) operating systems, like CentOS 8, for up to 4 years beyond their vendor-supported lifecycle. With Extended Support, you can avoid rushing to update your system to a new code version if it works perfectly as it is. For example, if you use outdated Python 2.7 or PHP, TuxCare will ensure you receive security updates, giving you extra time to develop new production code.
The solutions for which TuxCare Extended Support is available include: CentOS 6, CentOS 7, CentOS 8, CentOS Stream 8, Oracle Linux 6, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Python, PHP & Java.

Included in the Extended Lifecycle Support are:

Why adopt a Live Patching approach?

Speed ​​up patching processes

You can automatically deploy the latest CVE patches as soon as they become available, reducing risk and keeping your systems secure without needing to reboot or schedule system downtime

Reduces maintenance costs

It allows you to provide continuous and uninterrupted service to your users by applying CVE patches while your systems are running, reducing scheduled maintenance time.

Spend more time on other critical tasks.

You can say goodbye to 70% of the hours dedicated to patching and allocate them to other critical tasks such as support, training, and innovation to stay competitive in the market and grow your business.

With TuxCare, you can apply patches to all major enterprise Linux distributions, including:




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