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Web filtering for MSP
Add a content and malware filter to your administered services

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Who is FlashStart

FlashStart was born from the great passion for Internet security of Francesco, founder and CEO. Together with a highly motivated and talented team, we have embarked on a journey that began in SMEs and schools, evolving to reach global distribution in 156 countries. Our mission is to offer safe, innovative and accessible Internet browsing to anyone who wants to do it at the right price.

Local support is guaranteed by a network of carefully selected partners. Thanks to significant automation and healthy, debt-free financial management, FlashStart is extremely convenient and suitable for any context. A significant advantage is our human technical support, composed of highly experienced professionals always ready to assist you at all times.

With our global ANYCAST network, we provide our customers with detailed reporting on Internet usage, using artificial intelligence algorithms to quickly identify online threats. We are here to ensure safe, reliable and cutting-edge online browsing.

In the company and from home

Protects corporate networks and remote smart working, in a unified and centralized way

White Label

Customize the platform with your logo and brand

Zero latency

Response times from the local network, thanks to the Anycast infrastructure and the CloudBox

Malware protection

Safe from malware, phishing, ransomware, botnets and DDOS attacks

Do not waste time

Control access to sites and applications not related to work activities

Professional Technical Support

All products include ongoing professional technical support

The benefits offered by FlashStart solutions for MSPs

FlashStart is the multi-tenant platform that offers CyberSecurity services to MSPs who want to protect their customers' corporate or home networks.

Advanced threat protection

Artificial intelligence algorithms inspect millions of websites every day using multiple distributed honeypots to recognize malware attacks. You can also customize protection in a more structured way for environments with sensitive data.

Increased productivity

By taking advantage of the over 200 categories of sites surveyed, it is possible to build tailor-made protection that promotes good practice at work by eliminating distractions (e.g. betting, adults, meetings, etc.), limiting access to unsuitable content (e.g. games , music, films, etc.) and creating "timed" filters.

Maximum business

Very high margins for resellers and excellent flexible pricing for end-user types. No competition or direct sales. White label option for using your own brand.

Zero latency!

Thanks to the FlashStart CloudBox, the most demanding users will be able to benefit from a local cache to be inserted into their network, constantly synchronized with the Cloud, to obtain very high performance even in a Cloud environment. The local cache can be activated on the virtual machine.

Seamless integration with the network

It is possible to connect the Filter to your network via different methods: via Router, gateway, NAT and CNGAT, DNS over VPN, hybrid model and via installation on remote user devices, both PC and mobile. The use cases of the most popular network environments are present.

Support for remote devices

Full support is guaranteed for remote users in Smart working, who will thus be able to benefit from the same protection model adopted in the company network. Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Chromebook devices are supported.

High availability and redundancy

Thanks to the global redundancy of the ANYCAST network, you are guaranteed a service that is always active, efficient, performing and monitored by a specialized NOC that works exclusively to ensure the best of services. Thanks to data centers installed on 5 continents, you are in excellent hands!

Optimal configuration

The Pro+ version of FlashStart natively integrates networks with Microsoft Active Directory architecture, thanks to the use of native components which, in synergy with the Cloud, allow you to create granular protection policies based on users and groups.

Compliance with Regulations

At FlashStart we have always been attentive to full compliance with the laws and regulations to be adopted, in Italy and in the countries where our service is distributed. The data center that contains the reporting is located in Italy, as are the data centers that provide protection to Italian customers.

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