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Flash Start - Price Configurator


Points Plan
The points plan shows the pre-purchased pack for the service view; the more points you purchase, higher the discount on each service
Below you can view for each individual service the points it consumes and the cost corresponding to the chosen points package. The points plan is the only defyning element for the the.
Number of Licenses
The number of licences is intended as follows:
- For Public or Private Enterprises identifies the number of people inside the company
For schools/Non-profit organizations identifies the number of people inside the Insitute (students+professors+assistants)
For families classifies the number of people inside the nuclear family
For the Hot spot Public WiFi version it identifies an access point
For Internet Service Providers identifies the average number of DNS requests per set period (query per second). 25 QPS correspond to 1000 residential users
Chosen service price
1 points/year

Features Chart

Pro Pro+
Malware protection
Content filter
Search engine protection
Reporting and traffic analysis
Groups filtering policies
Granular filter
End-point protection
MS-Active Directory
On-premises DNS (CloudBox)


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