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Remote Control Software
- Complete list of Remote Control Software -

Remote control software via the Internet

The following list is related to Specialized solutions for remote access and control of computers through the Internet without the need to perform network configurations such as port mapping of specific ports, VPN connections or the need for the controlling and controlled computer to be in the same local network.
In many lists that are on the internet, regarding alternative solutions to Teamviewer, products are listed in the same list that it does not make sense that they are put in the same category.
The most common case is to find TeamViewer and Remote Desktop in the same list.
To allow remote connection via internet to a Windows machine with the Remote Desktop application it would be necessary to open port 3389 from the internet to the machine you want to control.
Or you should set up a VPN connection to the network itself.
This kind of solutions such as Remote Desktop, PCAnywhere, Dameware Mini Remote Control are therefore not considered in the following list.

Video Conferences and Meetings Software

There are also other types of software especially created for video conferences that offer desktop sharing functions and can give access to the remote computer, such as Zoom.
This kind of product is not exactly specialized and categorized among remote access and control software as much as in that of video conferences and online meetings, therefore the list does not take into account.

Sygma Connect

Sygma Connect Learn more

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20 Remote Software

Open Source remote control software

There are several versions of the most popular open source software for remote control, namely VNC.
The VNC service is listening by default on port 5900.
Like Remote Desktop, VNC in the standard configuration can only work if in a local network, with a VPN connection or through a port mapping from the internet to the PC to be controlled.
To work as Teamviewer, therefore without the aforementioned limitations, it is necessary to use VNC reverse Proxies.
In the commercial versions of VNC, like VNC Connect, a cloud infrastructure is actually used where there are reverse proxies or gateways that triangulate the remote connection from the controlling PC to the controlled PC.

There is also an open source project that supports the VNC protocol as well as RDP which is called Apache Guacamole. This project natively has the API.

Remote control solutions for MSP

The list of remote control solutions on this page could also be further subdivided according to the type of target customer reference, whether an MSP or an end user.
Some solutions are designed to serve companies that provide technical assistance services such as MSPs and need complete solutions from all points of view, from address book management, tracking of remote sessions performed, to stringent security policies and functions and of remote computer management.