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The successful Cloud Backup!

Backup is a fundamental security measure for every company.
Data and information are a valuable asset in society and form the heart of any business.

That's why they must be protected, through different localizations and supports, from viruses, hacker activities, breakdowns, employee errors and voluntary tampering.


Lets talk about backup

Request the 1Backup White Paper and find out why it is essential for any company to have a Cloud Backup software and keep your data safe.

White Paper 1Backup

In the paragraphs you will find out what backup is and why it is important to have one in the cloud, in addition to the local one, and we will deepen all the features and advantages of 1Backup, the enterprise cloud backup solution proposed by CoreTech.

The word "backup" in English means "stock, reserve, support", and it has become strategic for companies all over the world. In the digital age, where information is the most precious asset, it is important to have a system that allows you to keep it safe and always available.

But information is a very special asset. It is not extended, it does not take up space, as it is commonly understood. It is volatile. It's hard to say whether or not you take up the time. It can be reproduced, repeated, multiplied.

Yet the amount of information is measured and managed. At the same time, the information that is the basis of the activity; of a company can be attacked and lost due to viruses, targeted hacker actions, breakdowns, errors or manipulations desired by employees.

And this is where backup systems come into play, which currently have been transformed to acquire a consistency increasingly similar to that of information, evanescent and fundamental, and have become cloud backups, from the language of Albion, "cloud, cloud". In short, at the dawn of the 21st century, stocks are made in graceful clouds.