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Sygma Connect service installation on Linux

The following procedure indicates the steps to install the Sygma Connect service (not the graphics console) on linux machines. The Sygma Connect service allows remote control from the Sygma Connect graphics console.

You can install Sygma Connect on deployments that meet the following dependencies:

GLIBC version >= 2.17
OpenSSL 1.0.2
Support for appImage (compatible FUSE module)
architecture x86_64 (no 32-bit)

For example, the following deployments are supported:

Ubuntu, from 16.04 onwards
Fedora, from 26 onwards
CentOS, from 7 onwards
RedHat, from 6 onwards
Arch linux
OpenMandriva from 2013 onwards
Mageia, from 4.1

Once connected with administrative disproligi on your linux machine

#install the following libraries if they are not already available on the system
apt install -y libsm6 libfontconfig libgl1-mesa-glx openssl

You can download the file with Curl or Wget

#Download the latest version of sygma connect available with the curl -O command followed by the path, as in the example
curl -O

#change the permissions of the downloaded file
chmod o-x SygmaConnect-1.0.101.appImage

#Launch the installation with the following parameters
./SygmaConnect-1.0.101.appImage -platform offscreen -install

#Download the latest version with wget command
if there is no curl on the machine you can use the wget command

#download in the folder

the file that is downloaded is the latest version available and will be saved locally with the name linux

#change the permissions to make the file executable
chmod .x linux

#Launch the installation setup
./linux -platform offscreen -install

When the procedure is complete, the system will print the ID and Password data on the screen.
You need to save your ID and Password in this step!

Sygma connect service logs are in /opt/sygmaconnect