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Sygma Connect Service Log Verification on Linux

Once the Sygma Connect service is installed, 2 Log files are created.

The location of the log files is

the log files you create are

incoming.log contains information about incoming connections to the machine in a format similar to the following
Console ID Date and Time Start Date and End Time
727011227 2019/02/13 15:10:47.384 2019/02/13 15:10:50.302
727011227 2019/02/13 17:39:21.347 2019/02/13 17:40:12.289

scdebug.log contains information about the execution of the job and may need to be analyzed in case anomalies occur

below is an example


Started at: 2019/02/13 15:10:01.086
Version: 1.0.101
Boot ID: 5a410c14-b12e-498e-9539-12dff1846e53
Architecture: x86_64
Kernel: linux - 4.4.0-92-generic
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 0 @ 2.00GHz
OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
SID: 4657bce732376c6be9f515cc047b33eeabc7917e08948e006e306b1d
ID: 927707130
Path: /opt/sygmaconnect/SygmaConnect
User: root

2019/02/13 15:10:01.564 16957 Changing to vt 1
2019/02/13 15:10:01.589 16957 UPDATES Checking updates...
2019/02/13 15:10:01.739 16957 UPDATES Update found: version 1.0.111
2019/02/13 15:10:01.932 16957 3329807430 connecting to gateway


You can use the tail command to see the contents of the log files, for example

#To see the last 1000 lines contained in the incoming.log log the commands are as follows
tail -n 1000 incoming.log

#You can also use journalctl to read logs related to sygma connect with pagination
journalctl -u sygmaconnect