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Sygma Connect: Access to PC with User Privileges (UAC)

To access users' PCs

  1. Download the program
  2. Launch
  3. Confirm the language, confirm acceptance of the license terms
  4. Choose the first option, That is, Run without Installation

With the Quick Support executable version, step 3 and 4 will not be required

At this point the program is running and after a few seconds it should open to the user showing the ID and Password information.

If the user does not have administrative privileges, the UAC screen appears.

When UAC appears, the Sygma Connect session cannot capture the screen and cannot interact with the remote PC.

The user must click NO when prompted for UAC Login and Password- >If the user does not click NO and you have the BLACK screen, you can still proceed to the remote installation as shown below

Sygma Connect will return to access the session.


Click the Remote Installation button found in the top bar of Sygma Connect
You are prompted for users and passwords that have administrative privileges.

The user name must be provided with the following syntax: administrator@domain or administator@pcname




The service will be installed remotely and when UAC will request the administrative user data, with Sygma Connect you can take action without losing the connection