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Sygma Connect - Deploy MSI Package Using Windows GPO Group Policy

Deploy SygmaConnect by using Windows Group Policies (GPO)

First, save the MSI package to a shared folder, accessible by all clients.

Second, go and retrieve the SygmaConnect key associated with our account. It can be found by accessing the Sygma ( settings under the Puzzle logo and then under Settings on the left.

Now let's create a batch script. We open the text file and type the following to make the installation automatically associated with our account key and silently.

By adding the /q parameter, we will go to make the installation happen in ghost mode.


msiexec /i \\PERCORSOCONDIVISO\SygmaConnect.msi INSTALLKEY=iiiiiiiiiii /q

After that, let's open the Windows Group Policy Editor

Let's create a Group Policy object within the domain or within a dedicated OU.

Then, once created, we will filter, if necessary, the PCs where the policy will be valid (e.g. only on the Clients group, Office etc...)

Created the Object we go to edit it bringing us in the menu as shown below.

Let's change the properties of the "startup" option.

Click "View File"


Then let's copy, in the folder that opens, the Batch file that you previously created.


We close the window and click the "Add" button and type the name of the script.

In our case: sygma_install.cmd

After that, all machines where this script will be installed, upon restart, will have installed SygmaConnect with the key already associated.

If we don't find the icon in the taskbar, we can verify that the installation was successful by going to C:-Program Files-SygmaConnect