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Kerio Control 9.1 Beta

List of Changes in Kerio Control 9.1.0 Release Candidate
* Improved Application Awareness performance
* Added user exceptions to SafeSearch
- Fixed: RADIUS authentication didn't work for domain users
- Fixed: several stability issues

List of Changes in Kerio Control 9.1.0 Beta
+ Added Application Awareness
+ Added configuration files backup to MyKerio
+ Kerio Control can now upgrade automatically in given time interval
+ Added SafeSearch
* The static IP address assigned to a VPN client is now enforced, only one client is allowed

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Release history

Released on:
May 31 2016

Introducing Kerio Control 9.1

Application awareness

Kerio Control 9.1 adds traffic analysis on the application layer. Kerio Control recognizes thousands of applications in the local network. Based on the analysis, you can allow or deny certain applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Skype, Internet radio stations, YouTube, Pandora, and Netflix. You can also reserve or limit bandwidth for those applications.

The application awareness is available under the Kerio Control Web Filter license.

Content filtering and bandwidth management rules in Kerio Control may change their behavior in connection with the new application awareness.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Application awareness in Kerio Control


Kerio Control can use search engines with a SafeSearch module enabled. SafeSearch blocks inappropriate or explicit content in the search results.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Blocking inappropriate or explicit content in search results

MyKerio app for iOS devices

A new Apple iPhone and Apple Watch app keeps you informed you about the status of your Kerio Control appliances.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: MyKerio app for iOS devices

Automatic update of Kerio Control

Kerio Control allows you to automatically update to a new version at a set time interval.

Back up to MyKerio

Kerio Control allows you to back up your configuration files to MyKerio.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Saving configuration to MyKerio

Changes in System Requirements

Kerio Control: Minimum RAM needed has increased to 2 GB; 4 GB is recommended.

Added support

  • Ubuntu 16.04 in Kerio VPN Client on Linux

Discontinued support

  • Internet Explorer 8

  • Ubuntu 14.04 in Kerio VPN Client on Linux

  • Debian 7 in Kerio VPN Client on Linux

  • Support for Samepage backups in Kerio Control ends soon. You can automatically upload your configuration to MyKerio instead.

Release history

The Kerio Control release history is available at:



31 May 2016
  • Aggiornamenti software