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Rilasciato Kerio Control 9.0

Introducing Kerio Control 9.0

Shared definitions in MyKerio
Shared definitions in MyKerio allow you to create and manage IP address groups, URL groups and time ranges directly in MyKerio and share them across multiple Kerio Control appliances in a single organization.

You can also import existing definitions from a Kerio Control appliance and share them with other Kerio Control appliances.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Managing shared definitions

MyKerio - Multiple administrators can manage Kerio Control appliances within an organizations
MyKerio Organizations allow more than one administrator to monitor, manage and configure Kerio Control appliance or group of appliances.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Adding multiple administrators to manage Kerio Control appliances

2-step verification in MyKerio
The 2-step verification in MyKerio improves the security by requiring an authenticated user to provide an additional form of identification. Users use their credentials to authenticate and then enter a special time-limited code generated by a mobile application such as Google Authenticator or a similar app.

Read more about 2-step verification in the article Configuring 2-step verification in MyKerio

Preventing denial of service attacks
The connection limits configuration that protects against denial of service (DoS) has been redesigned and now includes enhanced default settings. In Kerio Control 9.0, you can set different rules for inbound connections, user devices and servers that are secured by Kerio Control. You can also set an exception for any host.

Default settings have been enhanced to combat DoS attacks without any configuration.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Configuring connection limits.

Bandwidth management works on IPv6
Kerio Control 9.0 supports bandwidth management on IPv6 including custom rules and bandwidth reservation.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Support for IPv6 protocol.

Zero-touch provisioning of Kerio Control Box
Deploy Kerio Control Box using MyKerio. If Kerio Control Box is running and connected to the Internet, you can activate and configure the appliance remotely in MyKerio.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Installing Kerio Control Box through MyKerio.

Automatic identification of network interfaces
During installation, Kerio Control identifies Internet interfaces and local interfaces automatically.

Internet interfaces are identified if the DHCP server is running in the network. For the local interfaces, Kerio Control runs the DHCP server on all local interfaces after installation.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Installing Kerio Control.

Release history

The Kerio Control release history is available at:

15 December 2015
  • Aggiornamenti software