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Scopri le ultime features di Kerio Control!

Find out what end of Windows support means for your Customers

Many of the features we've added to Kerio Control are implemented only in the Appliance Editions. Features include:

  • IPsec
  • VLAN Support
  • Reverse Proxy features
  • IPv6 Firewall
  • HTTPS and embedded URL filtering
  • RADIUS server for user authentication and WPA2 Enterprise WiFi security
  • MyKerio - centralized Kerio Control management

Customers running the Windows version are advised to migrate to one of the Appliance Editions, before 31 October 2015 when support for Windows will come to an end. Our technical support team will provide complimentary support to help resellers and customers through every stage of migration.

Watch our video to find out how to manage your customers upgrade from Windows to Hyper-V, plus read our FAQs to find out more about what this migration means for your customers.

To discuss a customers migration options, including Kerio Control Hardware, contact your local Kerio Distributor or Kerio Sales Representative.

05 October 2015
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