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Rilasciato Kerio Operator 2.4.0


  • Added: support for voice-prompt approach in Call Parking.
  • Added: voice prompt sets in Greek, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Urdu can be now uploaded.
  • Fixed: persistence of network interface names after factory reset on some types of HW.
  • Fixed: unwanted rewriting of caller ID with Speed Dials.
  • Fixed: call transfer errors with some firmware versions on the Cisco 7960 phones.
  • Fixed: configuration resync of multiple auto-provisioned phones when one of them does not support the resync function.
  • Fixed: Make the discovery of the public IP address more reliable.
  • Fixed: the Diversion SIP header for correct function with NexVortex.
  • Fixed: the names for some Russian time zones.


Version 2.4.2 - July 23rd, 2015 Version 2.4.0 - June 2nd, 2015

VM Explorer 5.3: Support for VMware VSAN

The Trilead team is pleased to annouce the release of VM Explorer 5.3 which introduces many minor enhancements, bugfixes and the support for VMware VSAN.

VM Explorer 5.3 includes following features:

  • Support for VMware Virtual SAN
    VM Explorer now supports Virtual SAN datastores for Incremental Backup/Replication.
  • Incremental Replication Restore Points
    It's now possible to configure restore points in incremental replications. Thanks to the restore points, VM Explorer can revert the replicated virtual machine to any previous state.
  • Server configuration wizard
    In the web interface the server configuration dialog has been enhanced with a wizard that will guide you through the configuration process with easy steps.


How to install VM Explorer 5.3:
Download the latest version of VM Explorer here: and install VM Explorer as usual For configuration please refer to the PDF manual which is installed with VM Explorer setup file.

Kerio Operator

  • Improved: SIP Interfaces
  • Improved: outbound call routing
  • Improved: Support for video calls
  • Improved: Allow users to optionally apply call routing rules to calls coming from Call Queues and Ring Groups.
  • Improved: An extension can be configured to allow only 1 concurrent call (for use with phones that do not have good support for call switching).
  • Improved: Linux kernel updated to version 3.16.0.
  • Improved: Added KVM VirtIO network drivers.
  • Improved: Added experimental support for Allo BRI (EuroISDN) cards.
  • Improved: SIP From header can contain the caller's number for forwarded calls.
  • Added: External interface can have up to 1000 phone numbers.
  • Added: Improvements in PRI/BRI/Analog cards
  • Added: support for Mitel 68xx phones
  • Added: the option to prepend a label to the display name of an incoming call (in interface configuration).
  • Added: auto-provisioning support for Yealink VP530.
  • Added: auto-provisioning support for Snom M300, M700.
  • Added: auto-provisioning support for Snom 725.
  • Added: auto-provisioning support for Yealink T21 E2, T23P, T23G, T27P, T29G, CP860.
  • Added: auto-provisioning support for Grandstream GXP1610, GXP1620, GXP1625, GXP1628.
  • Added: an option for incoming calls to read called number from the various identity headers ("P-Asserted-Identity" etc.)
  • Fixed: timezone definitions for several areas (Antarctica, Dhaka, Fiji, Kamchatka, Yakutsk, Vladivostok).
  • Fixed: The default limit for recorded calls size changed to 1 GB.
  • Fixed: error in call parking when a returning call would only ring for 30 seconds.
  • Fixed: warnings about ethernet cards when starting Kerio Operator on HyperV.
  • Fixed: login in Salesforce integration in IE 10/11.
  • Fixed: day/night mode switch messages in the Event log.
  • Fixed: Renamed Aastra phones to Mitel

Kerio Operator Administration

  • Added: Updated Samepage logo in the integration screen.
  • Added: Display the used video codec in call history.
  • Added: an option to increase/decrease/normalize volume in audio file library.
  • Added: an option to replace files in audio file library.
  • Added: an option to restore a backup without network configuration (useful when restoring the backup in another network).
  • Added: Several improvements and optimizations in the outbound call routing dialogs.
  • Added: DTMF detection configuration to SIP interfaces.
  • Fixed: occasional sox warnings/errors in the logs during audio playback.
  • Fixed: searching to be case insensitive even for accented (unicode) letters.
  • Fixed: Minor corrections in the Russian translation.

Kerio Operator Client Interface

  • Improved: Color themes
  • Improved: Optional custom logo on the login screen.
  • Added: Usability improvements in the call forwarding configuration.
  • Added: Custom voice mail announcements (Busy message, etc.) can be uploaded via advanced options in the voice mail screen.


02 June 2015
  • Aggiornamenti software