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CoreTech srl
Viale Ortles 13, 20139 Milano (MI) - Italy

IBAN: IT87I0306909507000004239520
Fiscal Code & VAT: 03815480961
Recipient code: XS39OTK
Share Capital: 35.000,00 Euro
REA MI - 1703914
PEC: coretech@pec.coretech.it

Commercial Information
Email: commerciale@coretech.it

Technical Support
Email: supporto@coretech.it

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Free, on demand and training

Free Support

CoreTech provides its clients with a free next level commercial and technical support. The aim of a free support is to give useful information to solve problems about the configuration and the actual use of products, as well as best practices and advices to improve their efficiency.
Free support is offered for:

  • Cloud and On-Premises products
  • All products covered by subscription or under warranty

Pre-Sales Support
To help the client to understand if a product satisfies his needs, we offer a free commercial and technical presales support.

  • Commercial support: provided mainly via email or by phone
  • Technical support: provided mainly via email

If you need an advanced pre-sales support, please get in touch with us in advance and state clearly your needs.

On-Demand Support

On-Demand support best suits the cases where an advanced technical support is required, for instance needing a remote connection and/or a detailed analysis of the context where the product is used.
For that, we offer a simplified on-demand support based on a per-hour scheme for:

  • Support for technical issues (excluding bugs or defects)
  • Support for new installations or configurations
  • Consultancy for complex projects
  • Custom training

Free On Demand training for CoreTech Certified Partners

Clients that have gained a CoreTech certification level also have the advantage of leveraging a free On-Demand Support according to the certification level.

SLA and Response Times

Cloud Products - 24x7

Cloud products have a different support base on the type and CoreTech commits to manage the request within 4 hours according to the corresponding SLA. To offer the best uptime, systems are monitored 24h at network and infrastructure level.

  • Stellar - 24x7
  • 1Backup - 9x7
  • Web Hosting - 9x7
  • Mail Hosting - 9x7
  • Other services - 9x5

On-Premises Products - Best Effort 9x5

If the cause and/or the solution of the problem is known, CoreTech commits to manage the request in Best Effort within 24 hours (within 4 hours as an average) by providing information to solve the issue and/or requiring further information.
If CoreTech doesn’t know the problem, we will escalate the problem to the maker. In this case we can’t guarantee a certain response time as each maker has its own policies. The maker could ask for more details, and CoreTech in this case will act as a medium until the closing of the ticket.

Remote Support

Download Sygma Connect

Sygma Connect is the remote control solution for Windows, Linux and macOS with 100% Italian technology! All remote sessions are recorded and can be browsed via web, filtered and exported as .csv files. More information here.

Download TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a remote control and support solution for Windows, Linux, macOS and mobile devices.

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