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General conditions


General conditions of Sale

The offer and sale of products on our website are governed by the following General Conditions of Online Sale.
The site is managed by CoreTech Srl, Viale Ortles 13 - 20139 Milan (MI) - Italy - VAT number: IT03815480961 Registered in REA n °: MI - 1703914


For the purpose of the application and interpretation of these contractual conditions, the terms and expressions used will have the following meaning:

General provisions

The present General Conditions of Sale concern the purchase of all Products and Services carried out remotely via the internet on this site.

Browsing and submitting an order form on the site implies acceptance of the Conditions of Sale and the Data Protection Policies adopted by the site indicated therein.

We invite all Clients to download and print a copy of the order form and these General Conditions of Sale, the terms of which CoreTech reserves the right to modify unilaterally and without notice.

Conclusion of the Contract and Order Confirmation

The contract stipulated between CoreTech and the Customer must be considered concluded only with CoreTech's acceptance (even if only partial) of the order form received with the online purchase procedure.

Before concluding and transmitting the order form, you will be asked to confirm acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale and having read the information on the processing of personal data.

After submitting the order form, the Client will receive an e-mail containing the details of the order just submitted with the subject: CoreTech: order receipt confirmation: CoreTech: order receipt confirmation. The email will be sent to the email address provided during registration or when entering the order form.

The order form contains the Client's billing data (entered or modified when sending the order form), the identification of the order form, the link to the General Conditions of Sale, the unit and total prices, the payment methods, the delivery methods of the purchased products and the relative shipping costs.

The order may be subjected to confirmation by CoreTech, in the event of Non-Acceptance CoreTech will promptly notify it by email indicating the relative order number and specifying all the reasons for the rejection.

Once the order form is received and accepted, it will be verified and taken to fulfillment.

If the order is incomplete or incorrect, the Client will be contacted by phone or email for clarification.

In agreement with the Client, CoreTech will integrate the order by sending a confirmation request via email and making the order visible in the Reserved Area on the CoreTech website

Methods of Purchase

The purchase of products and services on the CoreTech website site is subject to registration.
On the site at the top right, there is the List item, where the Client can find a list of all the Products and Services sold. The Client can only order the products in the price list which also includes the Cloud Services as contracted in a specific session.

Furthermore, on the CoreTech website, there are price configurators that allow you to easily configure the services or products to be purchased according to your needs.
It is possible to request a quote or information by email at the address

Once the sales team has received the request, they will send a quote via email, directly from the Portal. To accept it, the Customer must complete and submit the order form.
Where explicitly requested by the customer, it is possible to receive a Quote via email which must be signed for acceptance and sent via PEC

Terms of payment

Unless different payment methods are agreed, the execution of orders is conditional on the advance and full payment of the order by the Customer no later than 15 working days from the transmission of the order form. The possible payment methods are by credit card or bank transfer. Consequently, failure to pay will lead to the automatic termination of the contract and the cancellation of the order, communicated to the customer with an e-mail message, followed by the return of any amount already poured out.

Bank Transfer

Advance payments can be made by bank transfer to the current account indicated on the CoreTech: order receipt confirmation received by email indicating the order number in the reason for payment ... of the bank. The customer's orders will be kept busy until receipt of proof of payment by the bank. The dispatch of the order will take place only upon the actual crediting of the amount due which must take place within 15 working days from the date of the order.

Credit Card

visa mastercard

It is possible to pay by credit card when completing the online order form, selecting the method Credit Card. In this case you will be redirected directly to the website of the banking institution which will propose payment by credit card and will authorize the debit of the amount as per the order form submitted. If there are problems, it will be possible to repeat the payment by logging into the Reserved Area and making a new transaction on the order.

The information relating to the credit card used by the customer is entered and transmitted via a secure connection directly on the site of the bank that guarantees the transaction. CoreTech has no access to this data and therefore CoreTech can in no case be held responsible for any fraudulent and undue use of credit cards by third parties, even if the transaction deed was made for the payment of the products purchased on the CoreTech website

Product features and prices

The characteristics of the products are described in the product sheets, accessible during navigation or directly from the price list of the website. The images and colors of the Products for sale on the price list may however not correspond to the real ones as a result of any improvements and implementations in the meantime or as a result of the particular Internet browser and monitor used. Product prices may be subject to updates.

The prices indicated at the time of the order are decisive. The prices are intended with VAT excluded, and shown in the order form where applicable.

Send key or license to use

The purchase of the Software Products does not involve any physical transfer of goods, unless a DVD is specified as a physical medium and with a surcharge. Once the order has been confirmed and the payment status has been verified the key or license to use the software will be sent in an email to the email address communicated during the purchase. (This address can be modified from your Reserved Area)

The key or license to use is a sequence of characters which, inserted in the appropriate mask of the software installed, in demo or purchased, will enable the use of the software for the purchased version, making the product operational.

Order fulfillment and licensing

As soon as the payment confirmation of the order is received, CoreTech will process the orders according to the different ways and times of the purchased products. The timing of processing does not depend only on CoreTech, the dispatch of the Keys or Product Licenses will be sent by email as quickly as possible as soon as they are released by the Manufacturers.

These times range from 4 hours and usually do not exceed 2 working days.

Shipping Methods and Costs

There is no delivery cost for the purchase of Software Products since the license is sent via email.

The shipping cost of Physical Products (eg Sensors, Boxes, etc.) are automatically calculated by the portal and added to the order form, as soon as the customer selects the type of Shipment Required.

The prices calculated by the portal, are valid for the whole national territory, where the delivery will be in foreign countries, there may be cost changes that will be promptly communicated to the customer, who may, if he so wishes, may request cancellation of the order.

Once the order has been sent, the Customer is sent a Tracking Number via email which will allow him to track the shipment and check the details of the transport document such as packages, date and shipment status.

Unless expressly requested by the Client when completing the order form delivery is intended by road. The shipment will be sent to the shipping address provided when completing the order form. If it has not been possible to deliver due to the wrong address of the recipient, the shipment will be placed in storage at the courier's warehouses. The storage costs will be charged to the client. The client is required to check, upon delivery, the good condition of the packaging provided in the presence of the courier.

If the packaging is not in good condition and therefore is damaged, wet or otherwise altered, even in the closing materials, the client must accept the collection by putting the words "conditional acceptance" on the courier's delivery receipt. Once the document has been signed, if not accepted with reserve, the client will not be able to contest the external characteristics of what has been delivered and no responsibility can be attributed to CoreTech.

Any problems concerning the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 7 days of delivery, according to the procedures set out in this document.

Shipping Times

Delivery times may vary depending on the availability of the material in stock, the need to order the required ones, transport and customs times. If the products are available, delivery will be made within 48 working hours of receipt of the order, if they are not available, shipping times vary on average from 5 to 10 working days. Unless otherwise communicated that CoreTech will send to the Client via email.

The shipment will be made for the entire order, and as soon as all the products ordered are available. In the event that the Client wishes to partially fulfill the order, please make a specific request to

Pre and Post Sales Support

CoreTech provides the Clients with Free Technical Support, On Demand and Training as described in the Support page at the following Link They are also available on the site, in the Resources page of the Knowledge Base (KB) or knowledge bases on all products and services. These Resources are a collection of troubleshooting manuals, articles and videos. In order to give practical support to the customer. This collection is available for Registered Clients at the following link.

Cancellation/modification of the order

You can change or cancel the order within 24 hours of sending the order form, and in any case before the order is processed by sending the order fulfillment confirmation email.

To make a change or cancellation of the order, you must send an email to

To cancel your order or modify it, you must write to and specify the order reference number (contained in the order receipt confirmation) with the reason for cancellation, or the details for modifying your order.

As soon as it is taken over, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation / modification of your order and all related information.

If there is a confirmation of cancellation for an order with prepayment, a reversal of the transaction will be followed if already made. If, on the other hand, it is an order change confirmation, it will be specified whether there will be a cancellation or a supplementary payment to correct the total amount of the order just changed. In the event of a refund of payment, CoreTech will reverse the amount charged and send a copy to the Client as follows:

The cancellation times do not depend on CoreTech but depend exclusively on the banking system.
Once the transaction has been canceled, CoreTech can in no case be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by delay in the banking system's failure to release the amount.

Change of Physical Products

To request a Physical Product Change, the customer must send an RMA request via email to

Once received, an email will be sent to the customer containing the RMA form which must be printed and sent by registered mail within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. The registered letter must be sent to: CoreTech srl based in Viale Ortles 13, post code 20139 Milan (MI).

It is also possible to send the request via PEC to Once the RMA Form has been received, the reason for the change will be evaluated and the RMA number will be sent which must be attached to the outside of the casing in which the product will be physically placed. and sent to CoreTech Srl.

However, the customer must pay attention to the following conditions:

Without prejudice to any repair costs for damage to the original packaging,

2. The right of withdrawal is lost, for lack of the essential condition of integrity of the property (packaging and/or its contents), in cases where it is ascertained:

In the event of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, the goods will remain at the premises available to the customer for collection at his expense.

Applicable Law, Disputes and Exclusive Court

The supply of CORETECH Products is governed by Italian law, without the United Nations Convention on the international sale of goods being applied.

All possible out-of-court activities including all alternative instruments to litigation (A.D.R.) whose experiment is mandatory under the law, must be carried out in Italian and based in the Municipality of Milan.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution, resolution or otherwise that is entitled in the supply contract will be devolved solely to the Italian jurisdiction and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.

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