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Update - SmarterMail

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Rilasciato SmarterMail 15.3.6095
Version 15.3.6095 (Sep 8, 2016) Added: An option to restrict bounces to only internal addresses. Fixed: Autodiscover now functions correctly for Outlook on Windows. Fixed: Disabling reports for a domain now hi ...

Rilasciata la versione 15 di SmarterMail
Taking the Headache Out of Spool Management With the Spool Dashboard, administrators can take spool management to the next level by monitor common aspects of the email spool, such as message activity, top outb ...

SmarterMail Versione 15.0.5932 - Release Notes
Added: A disk usage indicator has been added to the logout dropdown menu to display a user's disk usage versus what is available. Added: Certificates for DKIM can now be managed through the API. Added: ...

Rilasciato SmarterMail 14.2.5711
Version 14.2.5711 (2015-08-21) Changed: Impersonating an account that doesn't exist now shows an error message in the impersonation modal window instead of a new popup window. Fixed: Adding and modifying a me ...

Rilasciato SmarterMail 14.2.5703
Version 14.2.5703 Added: A menu option under Actions to retrieve the CalDAV URLs to use for the users personal calendars. Added: A primary system administrator option to disable retrieval of passwords by seco ...

Rilasciato SmarterMail 14.1.5675
Important Notes There are several important release notes to be aware of before upgrading to this version. IMPORTANT: SmarterMail 14 now requires Microsoft .NET 4.5. This prevents SmarterMail from running on ...

Rilasciato SmarterMail 14.x
Unique Logins for Each Domain SmarterMail 14.x allows administrators to create unique login screens for every domain. Small businesses using SmarterMail on their own servers, or even companies using SmarterMail ...

Rilasciato SmarterMail 14.0.5637
Version 14.0.5637 (2015-06-08) KEY FEATURES A temporary address can now be generated by users with a short life span that operates as an alias to their account. This is to allow sign ups to external services ...

SmarterMail 14 in fase Beta
SmarterMail 14 - Improving the Everyday Workflow We’re excited to announce the BETA of the next version of our popular Windows mail server: SmarterMail 14.x! Over the last few major releases, we focused ...