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TSplus WebApp

04/09/20 c.ardia Update

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Summer is over and for many of us, that means a return to remote work and school.

TSplus has introduced a Progressive Web App to make portal access easier and smoother than ever.
Life has enough challenges. TSplus is here to make sure that access to the tools you need isn't one of them.

Watch our latest video on the TSplus Web App:


Installed in a snap, the progressive web app gives users a one click connection to the TSplus Web Portal.
It behaves like a native app with a responsive interface, push notifications and a local icon to open it.

It is the user-friendly solution for mobile workers and digital nomads out there, who wish to be able to access their online workspace and apps at any time.
They can also perform all necessary tasks such as file transfers and remote printing, while keeping data consumption at a low level.

With the Web App, benefit from these advantages and more:

  • Higher performance: Faster load times, Lower data usage.
  • Seamless user experience: Native-Like characteristics.
  • Better productivity: Direct Connection and Multitasking Options.
  • Multi-platform: Compatible with any device and OS.
  • Safe: Connections are secure with HTTPS/TLS.

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