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AKCess Pro Server Free

31/08/15 News

AKCP has released the AKCess Pro Server, free of charge to any customer who purchased an AKCP product.

The AKCess Pro Server has been in development for over 10 years. Over that period, we have received high praise for how easy the software is to use and the range of benefits it provides in monitoring local and remote site infrastructure.
AKCP have taken a strategic decision to release the AKCess Pro Server for free to any customer who has purchased an AKCP product – past or present, with no additional costs involved.


  • Monitor and control all AKCP or SNMP devices from a single display.
  • Create drill-down maps of any sensor or camera connected to the system.
  • Manage devices from any location.
  • Create multiple user accounts to allow or deny access to specific range of devices.
  • Monitor 100’s of IP Cameras.
  • Manually activate corrective action from any map.

Access Control

  • Add and manage users, groups and door or cabinet access schedules – from any location.
  • Access Control devices operate even when communication to the Server is interrupted.
  • Create custom access log reports and export to CSV for integration with third party software.
  • Limit user permissions so that personal data remains safe and secure.
  • Deny / Revoke User Permissions at any time.
  • Unlock Doors Remotely

Time Attendance


  • Create shifts to manage working hours and holidays.
  • Automatically deduct lunch breaks and monitor employee tardiness.
  • Create custom time and attendance reports and export to CSV for integration with third party software.
  • Link door events to video recording to review disputed clock in / clock out events.


  • Deploy your own hierarchy of redundant alert notifications using SMS, Email, MMS, phone calls, fax, or use a relay switch to trigger corrective action.
  • Escalate notifications that have gone unanswered. For example, follow up on a phone call with a text message or email alert.
  • Set up windows notifications to view who has entered or exited your facility at any time.
  • Generate emails with picture and video attachments to capture unauthorized entry attempts.
  • Link Actions to Icons on the Mapping screen to remotely activate corrective actions.

Video Recording

  • Embed cameras into remote site locations to capture entry attempts on cabinets or telecom rooms.
  • Record 24/7 or on a sensor event to limited overall bandwidth usage.
  • Connect any ONVIF IP compliant camera or one of AKCP’s High Definition Digital Cameras.
  • View up to 50 cameras simultaneously per server installation.