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Guarantee the safety and reliability of your site!

SSL certificates are an essential element to ensure the security of your business. They allow you to protect websites and all data that are transmitted electronically without having to incur huge costs.
Thanks to the SSL certificates issued by the Certification Authority CERTUM PCC, you can take care of your customers and ensure their transactions.

  • Static, dynamic and CMS websites such as Wordpress and Joomla
  • E-commerces such as Magento and Prestashop
  • Mail Servers such as Kerio Connect, SmarterMail, MS Exchange, Mdaemon, Icewarp
  • Web Server IIS, Apache, Nginx
  • Government websites and institutions
  • Electronic Databanks
  • And much more…

Features SSL CERTUM certificates

Single Domain

The Single Domain certificate is suitable for securing single domains with or without the WWW.

Example, with only one certificate you can cover a domain such as:


The Wildcard certificate is used to validate and certify the main domain and all related subdomains.

For instance, with a single certificate you can cover at the same time:
and so on…

The choice of Wildcard certificates is suitable for all customers who have a domain with various names / services to manage their activities. With this solution you will have simplified management since there is no need to buy multiple certificates for each subdomain but only one is enough.

Multidomain certificates

The MultiDomain certificate can simultaneously support multiple different domains and subdomains.


The choice of Multidomain certificates is ideal for customers who have many management services with various domains. By purchasing a MultiDomain certificate it is possible to save a lot and speed up the installation activity for each domain used. For instance, a certificate of this type can replace 10 Single Domain SSL certificates.

Domain Validation (DV)

Space SSL

Price configurator

"Certification Authority" provides a certificate based on the name and domain you enter in the application form. In any case, a verification will be carried out by sending an email to the domain Administrator.

  • 2048-bit encryption
  • High security, lower price
  • Quick check and issue
  • Padlock and https browser activation

Available for:

Single Domain Wildcard Multidomain

Organization Validation (OV)

trust Domain SSL

Price configurator

This certificate increases the site credibility, instantly providing identity confirmation and strong SSL protection against fraudulent intrusion. For its generation, the CA carries out thorough checks on the applicant's credentials.

  • 2048-bit encryption
  • High security, lower price
  • Verify your credentials in just a few business days
  • Padlock and https browser activation

Available for:

Single Domain Wildcard

Extended Validation (EV)

Premium Domain SSL

Price configurator

It is the most advanced class SSL certificate and is used to attest the security of high-profile sites. During the verification process, the applicant must prove to the CA ownership to exclusive rights to use the domain, confirm its legality, demonstrate its physical and operational existence and, finally, that he himself has requested the issuance of this certificate.

  • 2048-bit encryption
  • Highest security level on the market
  • Verify your credentials in just a few business days
  • Padlock, https, company name and green bar browser activation

Available for:

Single Domain

Web TrustSM/TM

The WebTrustSM/TM seal is an indication for users that the certification authority applies: all online security requirements, confidentiality in data processing, and security in both online communication and commercial operations.


All digital certificates provided by CERTUM confirm electronic identity, guarantee authenticity and ensure reliability of data and documents transmitted online.

Protect your Brand on the Internet

Gain your costumer complete trust

Increase online transactions

Ensure data transmission security

Verify your identity

Protect your Brand on the Internet

CERTUM, your best deal

"Thanks to the CERTUM certificate I have gained reliability for my E-commerce at a much lower price than any other certificate available on the internet!"