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Up to 500 email contacts
Send in 5 hours

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Up to 1500 email contacts
Send in 7 hours

da 9 ,00 + vat / month
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Up to 5000 email contacts
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Up to 10000email contacts
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The alternative to MailChimp and MailUp for small and medium companies

MailChimp is the most known newsletter platform in the world.

The free plan has a database of 2.000 contacts with a limit of 12.000 emails per month. One of the most annoying limitations of the service is that every email has a warning in the footer that says the email has been sent with free MailChimp

All recipients (and clients!) will know the email has been sent with a free product.. And your company exposure might be affected by that. Paid plans start at $ 10 per month for lists up to 500 contacts. Moreover, if you want to use a custom domain, you must pay $ 99 each year.

MailUp is a newsletter platform created by an Italian company.

Unlike MailChimp there is no free plan. The basic package starts at € 470 / year with up to 6.000 email contacts. MailChimp and MailUp are two solutions that best suit marketing and communication agencies and big companies.

And what about who wants to spend less and doesn’t need to send to such a great number of contacts? RocketNewsletter!

Like a Super Mailbox: easy, intuitive and at a convenient price.
RocketNewsletter is the alternative to MailChimp and MailUp conceived to satisfy all companies that have the same communication needs of big companies but have a limited number of recipients.
With RocketNewsletter companies can communicate with their clients for needs like:

  • Company communications
  • Price list updates
  • Information about new products and services
  • Offers and promotions
  • News and articles
  • Invites to events and demonstrations
  • Information on office closings
  • Greetings
  • And much more

All RocketNewsletter plans have all features available: they differ only for the number of email contacts stored in the database. And the integrated block editor, RocketNewsletter can be used with ease by anybody!

It can’t get any easier..

RocketNewsletter benefits


Send perfect emails

Optimized and Web-responsive


Useful with less-savvy users

With the integrated block editor


Granular user management

Analyze detailed data


Advanced Report

Detailed reports for an in-depth analysis

Intuitive, powerful and suitable for everyone

With RocketNewsletter you can create effective and personalized email campaigns to increase the responsiveness of your contacts.
The simple and immediate platform allows even those who do not know HTML and have no experience in pagination, to create a nice Newsletter using the integrated block editor which will automatically write all relevant technical code.
To create or edit the message just drag blocks (text, image ...) with a simple drag & drop from the left menu to the point of interest in the message. Once inserted, just double-click to edit its content and parameters interacting with the side menu. Naturally you can save your message to continue editing it later. The integrated editor will optimize the message to ensure maximum performance on all devices: mobiles, tables and PCs.


Import and segment your contacts

You can import a large amount of contacts with RocketNewsletter. The system automatically processes the list of imported email addresses and identifies any syntactic and typing errors, and identifies any contact already present in the database avoiding duplication. It takes a few steps to have a usable list of users. To make the most of the added addresses, it is possible to segment them into lists or categories of interest.
For each user you can also add some attributes later, such as: name, surname, company and so forth, which will allow you to easily filter your contacts.
RocketNewsletter allows the management and creation of:

  • Registration forms
  • Unsubscription forms
  • Rejection Rules

General statistics

You check the results of your campaigns in real time with RocketNewsletter. Detailed stats that can be analyzed include:

  • Visits on the message
  • Clicks per URL
  • Clicks per messages
  • Unsubscription

Segment your contacts into nominal lists

  • RocketNewsletter allows you to import your existing contacts from external files and / or databases (by importing all the sensitive data available in the original file). Contacts can be assigned to one or more segmentation lists (customizable) to send Newsletter and Dem in a targeted and effective way. You can quickly view sends history and associated data for each member of a list.

Bounces management and members status

  • RocketNewsletter manages negative feedbacks from email servers by associating reception statuses (bounces) to subscribers.

Monitor your Marketing Campaigns

  • View real-time feedbacks on campaigns and user interactions with them: user reactions, contact trends, interactions, unsubscriptions and much more.

Integrated Drag & drop editor

  • Thanks to the embedded drag & drop editor, even the less-savvy users will be able to create newsletters that can be sent simultaneously and reach their market basin.

And much more...

  • Send newsletters, design email campaigns and keep in touch.
  • Reach more contacts in less time.
  • Intuitive "Drag & Drop" interface.
  • Organize your contacts in one platform.
  • Segment your contacts using basic or advanced logic.


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