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Looking for a Cloud
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And if you're not, well. You very much should

Why you should choose a Cloud Solution

  1. It is part of your job as a System Integrator
    You have a strategic role not only because you can provide IT Support, but because you are able to integrate many different technologies to help your Customers work better and smarter
  2. To fight against Cloud Solutions and their ineluctable spreading is, let's be honest, a waste of your precious time
    If you don't want to be defeated from the start, the Cloud must be part of your services. Since 2018, companies have been spending more on the Cloud than on traditional IT. (source IDC)
  3. You avoid giving too much room to competition
    Rule number 1 for anyone who runs any Company: whoever gets there first, wins. Don't let someone else talk to your Customers about Cloud Solutions, when you can be there first
  4. You can expand your business and increase your earnings
    Cloud Solutions allow you to increase the value of your ICT offer, to acquire new customers more easily and to have monthly recurring revenues with excellent profits

CoreTech , Cloud solutions for the ICT Channel:1Stack

We turn to MSP, VAR, System Integrator, TLC Operators, Software House and Web Agency.
The proposal is in fact aimed at partners who work with companies in the Micro to Mid-Market segment.

Why you should choose 1Stack

  1. CoreTech caters exclusively the ICT Channel
    Unlike Big Companies, that are now mainly addressing the end customer directly, CoreTech is a real ally for the development of your business, by operating solely through its Partners' Network
  2. Maintain your identity
    Thanks to our White Label platform, your customers will see only you and your Company as a technological reference. Your identity and your Brand are preserved and valued
  3. Solutions 100% GDPR Compliance
    All 1Stack Solutions and Services are designed and built to make you "sleep soundly", because they comply with the rules of the new GDPR the rules of the GDPR
  4. Continuous pre and post sales support
    You are never alone! You have our Sales Team helping you carry out projects and offers and, if you wish, supporting you during the presentation phase to customers
    A technical team always ready to provide you with support by solving your problems with service levels among the best on the market (in the last 60 days average SLA of 99.869%)
  5. Higher Profits

100% White Label solutions

We have chosen to implement a proprietary platform to orchestrate Cloud resources created specifically to meet the needs of the Channel.
The technological development of the recent years has allowed us to integrate security features that other Cloud Providers, offer as paid extras.

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