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RocketMail Cloud Mailboxes

The cloud mail service powered by RocketMail is much more than a simple mail service for companies: the webmail integrates advanced features as schedule, activities, notes, address book, file sharing, and instant messaging. The outstanding web interface allows satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Webmail suitable for every Browser and mobile device

Regardless of any place in the world or which device you are using, with RocketMail mailboxes you can send, receive emails and work together with extreme simplicity.

Built-in migration tools

Thanks to tools and guided procedures put at your disposal by the software itself, migration from Exchange, Office365, iMail, Zimbra, and Imap/Pop3 boxes was never easier.

Indexed search

Messages indexing allows searching information, contacts and activities easily.

File sharing via Internet

RocketMail Webmail is a complete workspace that integrates, in addition to all the advanced features required in a collaborative workspace, file sharing too. File Storage feature allows to send to recipients a link to the file you want to share, optionally setting a time limit and a password.

Beyond the Webmail

RocketMail professional mailboxes can be used even with the most common email client since support for protocols POP, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, XMPP is guaranteed

Exchange ActiveSync support

Thanks to Exchange ActiveSync support and Exchange Web Services it is possible to use all MS Outlook on Windows or Mac OSX synchronization features, just as mobile devices like Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Built-in Video Conference feature

RocketMail's Video Conferencing with Team Workspaces feature provides a workspace that includes real-time audio and video sessions, group chat, and document sharing. It is possible to invite an unlimited number of participants to the meeting, bearing in mind that the audio/video chat is managed through a peer-to-peer system (limited to 8 participants).

The advantages



File sharing


RocketMail, the integrated Video Conference function

Videoconference feature with Team Workspaces by RocketMail offers a workspace that includes audio and video sessions in real-time, group chats, and document sharing. You can invite an unlimited number of participants to a meeting, keeping in mind that audio/video chat is managed via a peer-to-peer system (limited to 8 participants).

To use Team Workspaces, simply login to your webmail and click on the dedicated button, but make sure you are logged in via a secure HTTPS connection (not HTTP). Once the session starts, you will find yourself in front of the dashboard with an area dedicated to videoconferencing on the left side. By clicking on Join Video Chat we will be able to interact with the webcam and microphone with the other interlocutors. Features:

  • Workspace Details
    the area where you can monitor the usage in terms of space of the file sharing area, Allow guest users, File upload permissions
  • Video Settings
    an area to manage default settings for the meeting: Video quality, Microphone, Speaker
  • Meeting Link
    the area where to find the meeting link. You can copy it and share it with other people.
  • File Storage
    area where we can keep monitored the use in terms of.
  • Chat
    the area where you can interact via chat with other people present in the meeting.
RocketMaill - Team Workspaces

Microsoft Exchange alternative

The device you use or where you are don't matter, with RocketMail's Webmail it's always possible to send and receive e-mails and cooperate with your coworkers.
If you don't want to use the Webmail, no problem!
RocketMail Cloud Mailboxes support every synchronization method: Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), Exchange Web Service (EWS), POP, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, so you can use your favorite mail client on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, or your Mobile device, be it iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Antispam and Antivirus

RocketMail includes multi-layer spam prevention that allows obtaining 97% mail protection.
In addition, RocketMail includes different products like SSL/TLS support and intrusion detection (IDS).

Increased productivity

Using RocketMail, you increase your business productivity with collaboration tools like: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes that can be shared and synced among different mobile devices via synchronization protocols.

Synchronization protocols

RocketMail supports a variety of synchronization protocols, including most prestigious technologies like Exchange ActiveSync, EWS, CalDAV, CardDAV. With RocketMail, you will view your mail on every mobile device and never lose emails, appointments, or deadlines!

Autonomous Administration

RocketMail makes available a web console to administrate independently your domain. With Administration Panel it's possible to create, edit and delete email accounts, reset passwords, and much more.

Keep everything under control

Incoming mail

Add a new contact

Calendar of activities

Disk usage

Message traffic

Features RocketMail


  • Multiple email addresses per User/Mailbox
  • Multiple domains
  • User Groups
  • Email Aliases
  • Signature per Domain/User with variable fields
  • Mailing List Management
  • Public and Shared Folders
  • Out of Office Messages
  • Message Filters
  • Delegation
  • Supported protocols: POP3, STMP, IMAP,NNTP, HTTP, HTTPS, CalDAV, CardDAV
  • LDAP support
  • Email/chat messages archive
  • HIPAA compliant
  • POP3 and IMAP Download feature form other mailboxes
  • Whitelist/blacklist based on IP address

Mail Client: Webmail and Outlook

  • Complete and user-friendly Webmail
  • Attachments and Pictures preview
  • Click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail
  • RSS Feed
  • Built-in storage file
  • Integration with different desktop clients: Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
  • Complete and customizable reporting system
  • Multi-language support


  • Extended mobile device support: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry
  • Device configuration via Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV/CardDAV or IMAP
  • Email Synchronization, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks
  • Public Folders Synchronization
  • Shared Calendar and Contacts Synchronization
  • Remote device Wipe
  • Auto-discovery


  • Private/Shared/Public Calendar
  • Planned/recurring meetings
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Free/Busy Assistant
  • Reminders
  • Weather Forecast
  • Events Alerts
  • ICS files import


  • Private/Shared contacts
  • Contacts Photos
  • Contacts Categories
  • Import/export contacts in CSV or vCard
  • Global Address List (GAL)


  • Tasks Creation/Assignment
  • Expiring dates
  • Priorities
  • Completion percentage
  • Reminders

Instant Messaging

  • Private or Group Chats
  • Webmail Chats
  • Compatible with desktop/mobile client XMPP
  • File sharing
  • Audio / Video Chat
  • Availability: available/absent/busy/disconnected
  • Permanent & dynamic Chat Room
  • Contacts photos from GAL (Global Address List)

Video Conference

  • Workspace Details
  • Video Settings
  • Meeting Link
  • File Storage
  • Chat


  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Spam Filter
  • + 99% Email Security Antivirus and Antispam with 4 defense engines
  • Double MX mAIL Gateway Inbound server and SMTP distributed Outbound server (anti blacklist)


  • Daily backup with 60 days of retention + backup replication in another Data Center

Other Functions

  • HTTPS certificate default domain
  • Optional custom domain with HTTPS certificate

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