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Kerio Connect Cloud Email Boxes

Kerio® Connect mailboxes represent the real alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Office365 for small and medium-sized companies, with the opportunity to keep using Outlook as an email client on your computer. Kerio's email service provides a connector for Microsoft Outlook (for Windows and Mac) that allows syncing not only emails but also contacts, events and activities.

Webmail at a higher level than Gmail

The unique Webmail developed by Kerio allows one to carry out all the main operations smoothly, even without a business computer available. Kerio Connect webmail can completely replace MS Outlook, allowing you to work at the same level and freely. Compared to Gmail, Kerio Connect webmail also offers group work features, like information sharing such as emails, calendars, contacts, and activities for the entire organization used by Kerio.

Security: Antivirus, Antispam, Backup

All Kerio Connect mailboxes are equipped with antivirus and antispam protection.
In addition, every mailbox has data backed up, ensuring each client from potential accidental deletion of emails.

Information Sharing Features

With Kerio Connect mailboxes you can share emails, contacts and the calendar with one or more colleagues. Thanks to these features, work in the company becomes more productive.

All mobile devices support, Smartphones and Tablets

Via the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol, it's easy to sync data even on the most common mobile devices (iPhone and Android). It's possible to sync everything, even by Apple iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile and Android.

Open to all open standards

Connections via standard protocols Smtp, Pop3, Imap, CalDAV, and CardDAV are supported.

The advantages

Mail Connector


ActiveSync protocol


Microsoft Exchange alternative: Kerio® Connect Cloud Email

Kerio Connect mailboxes are the ideal choice for businesses and professionals who want to make the use of emails more efficient for their organization.
Native integration with Microsoft Outlook thanks to ActiveSync and Exchange Web Service or, otherwise, through Kerio Outlook Connector proprietary connector.
Those who are tired of Microsoft Outlook footprint or desire to be independent of a computer can use Kerio Connect web client, a clear and functional webmail you can work with freely, anywhere.
Kerio Connect Cloud mailboxes support all types of mobile devices such as Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile phones and tablets.

Outlook for Windows and Mac

Employees want to know that their mail is secure and they can use their favorite mail client. Kerio Connect allows the flexibility users desire and expect- freedom to use Outlook, OS X Apps, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminder, or the complete Webmail on Kerio Connect client.

Mobile Support

Today, each employee is equipped with his own personal device. With Kerio Connect you can use and sync any iPhone or Android device, either mobile phone or tablet. All mobile devices on the market are virtually supported and users can set them up independently, even without IT support


Kerio Connect integrates powerful features to ensure maximum security, thanks to constantly evolving technologies. Protection from hackers with SSL encryption, S/MIME, spam, phishing, and virus. Backup features are also integrated with granular recovery and storage features that allow preventing data loss.


Autonomous Administration

Every mail domain can be managed independently with Kerio Connect. One of your e-mail accounts could manage all mailboxes.
You will be able to create, edit and delete email accounts, reset passwords and create aliases, groups,and much more.

Multiple Calendars Support

Adaptive management of own Contacts address books

Autonomous configuration of Mobile synchronization

Kerio Connect Mailboxes features


  • Multiple email addresses for user/mailbox
  • Multiple domains
  • User groups
  • Email aliases
  • Mailing lists, moderate/non moderate
  • Public and shared folders
  • Out of Office messages
  • Delegation
  • Services: POP3, SMTP, IMAP, NNTP, LDAP, HTTP
  • Domain signature with variable fields

Mail Client: Webmail and Outlook

  • MS Outlook integration (Windows & Mac) Exchange mode Activesync and EWS
  • MS Outlook integration with Kerio Outlook Connector
  • Native integration MS Entourage
  • EM Client integrationwith EWS
  • Advanced Kerio Connect Client Webmail
  • Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Reminds
  • All client mail support for POP3, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV


  • Extended mobile device support Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
  • Email, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks, Public/Shared Folders syncronization/li>
  • Shared Calendar and Contacts syncronization (iOS devices)
  • Devices configuration via Exchange Activesync or CalDAV/CardDAV/IMAP
  • Autonomous configurationfor iOS devices
  • Exchange ActiveSync devices management through Kerio® Connect client


  • Private/Shared/Public Caledar
  • Planned Meetings and Applicants
  • Resources and meeting room booking
  • Free/Busy Assistant
  • Reminders
  • Delegation


  • Private/Shared contacts
  • Contact photos
  • Global Address List (GAL)
  • Click to Call on Kerio Connect client


  • Tasks Creation/Assignment
  • Expiry dates/Reminders

Instant Messaging

  • Private or Group Chats
  • File sharing
  • Audio/Video chat
  • Presence
  • Permanent and dynamic chat room
  • Contacts photos from GAL (Global Address List)
  • Client XMPP support


  • Messages filter
  • Kerio Antivirus
  • Kerio Anti-Spam filter
  • + 99% Email Security Antivirus and Antispam with 4 defense engines
  • Double MX mAIL Gateway Inbound server and SMTP distributed Outbound server (anti blacklist)


  • Deleted messages stay for 30 days
  • Daily backup with 60 days of retention + backup replication in another Data Center
  • Data recovery included in the fee

Other features

  • HTTPS certificate default domain
  • Optional custom domain with HTTPS certificate
  • Customizable White List IP up to 3 IP
  • POP3 Download Feature up to 2 per mailbox

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