Stellar cloud server
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Starting at 50 ,00 + vat / month
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Less than two minutes to find out why Stellar is the Enterprise Optional Full-Class Cloud Server solution for production environments!

Stellar Classe C

Starting at 50 ,00 + vat / month
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Class C Stellar Cloud Server are the best Class C Cloud Servers are ideal for applications with generic objectives where disk I/O performances aren’t the key element.
Improve your security with firewall, backup, snapshots and monitoring. Performances with no unpleasant surprises, guaranteed and reliable. Linear scalability to match your needs.


  • High frequency Intel Xeon E5 v3 processors
  • Dedicated CPU with 1:1,25 ratio - Dedicate frequency to single Core: 80%
  • 100% dedicated memory
  • Instance Storage based on SAS disks in DAS (Direct Attached Storage) configuration
  • Guaranteed I/O disk performances: 30MB/s (beyond 100MB/s)

Use cases

  • Low-traffic Web servers and Mail servers
  • File server, FTP server, Owncloud
  • Authentication server
  • Small and medium-sized databases
  • Backend server for SAP, Navision and other CRMs, Microsoft SharePoint


  • Up to 6 Cores
  • Up to 16GB of RAM
  • Up to 10TB of disk space

Stellar Classe S - SSD

Starting at 108 ,00 vat / month
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Class S - SSD Cloud Servers are the standard choice for applications that require the best CPU and I/O performance, equivalent to those of dedicated physical servers.
Improve your security with firewall, backup, snapshots and monitoring. Performances with no unpleasant surprises, guaranteed and reliable. Linear scalability to match your needs.


  • High frequency Intel Xeon E5 v3 family CPUs
  • Dedicated CPU with 1:1 ratio - 100% dedicated frequency to the single core
  • 100% dedicated memory
  • Instance storage based on SSD disks (SAS SSD) in DAS (Direct Attached Storage) mode
  • Guaranteed 100MB/s I/O disk performances (beyond 650MB/s)

Use cases

  • High traffic Web Server and Mail Server
  • High performance Front-end
  • Data Analysis, Data warehousing, Log
  • NoSQL Database like Cassandra and MongoDB
  • Back-end Server for SAP, Navision and other management servers


  • Up to 16 Cores
  • Up to 48 GB of RAM
  • Up to 500 GB of storage

What Is Stellar Cloud Server

Stellar was conceived to fulfill the requests of clients needing Cloud Server that can offer Certainty. The market is saturated by cheap cloud servers with uncertain performance, almost never stable and bearer of troubles: who leans towards Stellar wants to be safe and make the proper commitment.
A Stellar server guarantees you servers with Guaranteed Performances that are constant in time, Tranquillity and Safety all the time, at a convenient and honest price.
Stellar servers are a certainty today as well as they will be tomorrow. At first glance the price seems high that other Cloud Providers, but actually they’re lower: carefully evaluate the completeness of the offering and the characteristics of servers! With Stellar servers, Developers and Sysadmins can manage their projects with Tranquillity.
The initial server setup is completely free and technical support (pre sales and post sales) are included as stated in the contract. There are no limitations on the availability of server operating systems, and you can request for less common OSes.
A management console is at your disposal to perform operations like Power on, Power off, Reboot, Reset check used CPU, RAM and Disk resources, have an output console to see what’s going on on the server, make Snapshots and restore to a previous Snapshot.



  • CPU: 1 Virtual Core = 1 Physical Core
  • RAM: 100% Allocation
  • I/O Disk MB/s: Guaranteed minimum Performances

Included Services

  • Backup: Snapshots, VM backup on other Storage, backup of data with 1Backup agent
  • Security: Shared Firewall
  • Monitoring: monitoring and Alert management Console
  • Support:Standard, Premium and Plus option

Small Cloud Cluster Architecture

  • VMware Technology
  • HP Hardware
  • 3 Host VMware Hosts on latest-gen HP DL360 servers
  • Ultra-fast Storage

Small Cloud Cluster Architecture.

Unlike the general trend of other providers’ infrastructures, Stellar servers are organized in a Small Cloud Cluster Architecture.

We have created a “finite capacity Cloud”!

In order to guarantee performances, we need to know in advance the greatest number of Cloud Servers that the infrastructure can host. So we calculated a fixed number of Cloud Servers to be hosted on each “Small Cloud Cluster”. When a cluster hits its capacity, new Cloud Servers will be hosted on a new Small Cloud Cluster.

  • VMware + HP
    Stellar benefits from the technology of VMware, which stands at the top of Cloud and Virtualization systems and HP hardware for servers and storage.
  • VMware 3-Host Clusters
    Each Small Cloud Cluster is composed by 3 VMware Hosts on latest generation HP DL360 servers, each one with double Intel Xeon E5 v3 processor, 192GB of Ram, double network interface (for a total of 8 Gigabit channels) and, of course, redundant power supply.
  • Storage: Direct Attached Storage with double 12Gb link
    Ultra fast storage connected to VMware hosts with double 12Gb SAS connections to 2 different storage controllers to provide fault tolerance too. SAS disks are configured in RAID6 volumes to offer reliability and performances.
  • Data Backup
    Each server is provided with the 1Backup service to backup and restore data autonomously, with compression and encryption capabilities. Each 1Backup agent has features to backup Open Files, VSS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases. The destination space of the 1Backup agent can be incremented according to your needs. By default, there’s a monthly automated backup of the Stellar server; you can increment it.
  • Security: Firewall, VLAN and Backup
    Each Stellar Cloud Server is protected with a Front End firewall and with a Back End firewall, which can be excluded by associating the public IP directly to the server of by using your firewall of choice. A dedicated and isolated VLAN is created for each client.
    A backup system dedicated to Cloud Servers is installed on a separate storage area and connected via iSCSI to each VMware host. You can opt for a virtual firewall based on the Kerio Control technology.
  • Public IP directly assigned
    You can have an IP public address assigned directly to your server. If so, the client will have the burden to adopt security best practices, including OS-integrated firewalls and other software.
  • Scalability
    In addition to performances and dedicated technical support, Stellar guarantees an unmatched flexibility and linear scalability, on storage and on servers. Your business can grow smoothly without being tied to limits and without having to make heavy upfront investments. Ram, Cores and storage configurations of virtual machines can be modified at any moment.
  • Connectivity
    Connectivity Stellar Cloud Servers have a public IPv4 address at disposal; additional IPs can be added. Each server has a 100Mbps bandwidth.
  • Support
    You can manage your Cloud Servers and the vCenter with a dedicated panel. Each request for technical support guarantee a dedicated support.


The Stellar Cloud Server infrastructure has been planned starting with the prerogative of offering servers able to give the best performances. In order to remain faithful to this goal we turned upside down the principle that all the other providers adopt. We started from the performances we wanted to offer and then we have planned the architecture that can fit these demands.


VMware + HP

We have chosen the VMware architecture which is the top solution for Cloud and Virtualization systems, and another worldwide leader, HP, for servers and storage.

Small Cloud Cluster

Against the trend of the competitors, we have opted for a Small Cloud Cluster architecture. We have created a "finite capacity cloud"?. We must know the maximum number of Cloud Server to host in an infrastructure to guarantee great performances. Therefore we have fixed a maximum number of Cloud Server for each "Small Cloud Server"?. When a cluster reaches its maximum number of Cloud Servers, the new servers are created on another Small Cloud Cluster.

3 VMware Hosts Clusters

Every Small Cloud Cluster is composed of 3 VMware Hosts hosted on last generation HP DL360 servers, with double Intel Xeon E5 v3 CPUs, 192GB of RAM, double Network Card Interface for a total of 8 1Gb channels, and naturally double alimentation.

Storage: Direct Attached Storage with double 12Gb connections

The storage is connected to every VMware Host with a double 12Gb SAS connection to the two different controllers of the storage to guarantee Fault Tolerance. Disks are configured on several RAID6 volumes to gurantee a better reliability.

Security: Firewall, VLAN, Backup

Every Stellar Cloud Server is protected by a Front End and a Back End firewall that can be excluded, in needed, by associating the public IP address directly to the server or to your own firewall. Moreover, for every client an isolated and dedicated VLAN is created. A Backup service for Cloud Servers is present of a separated storage connected thru iSCSI to every Hypervisor.


Thanks to a dedicated panel it’s possible to independently manage your own Cloud Servers. For every technical needs it’s possible to require a dedicated support.

Best-in-Class Support Included

Get in touch with Senior System Administrators. Stellar support can give you the support you need in all phases of the service: Analysis and Cloud Migration, Management and Troubleshooting.
Most Cloud Providers considers technical support to be optional and offer self-service systems or limited phone support, but we believe that is wrong.


Cloud Server Comparison Table

This table is intended to serve as a comparison between the Stellar IaaS Cloud Server solution and two macro groups.
The first group is that of a single player, namely Microsoft Azure *. The second group, on the other hand, consists of the “average” offering proposed by cloud providers smaller than Microsoft Azure. For example Aruba, OVH and others.

*For this comparison, we’ve chosen Microsoft Azure instead of Amazon AWS or Google Cloud because System Integrator and MSP have historically had more confidence and more relationships and developed a greater know-how with Microsoft solutions than AWS and Google. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that Microsoft has developed a Partner-centered business compared to AWS and Google in the past, while AWS and Google players have always mainly addressed customers directly. Today Microsoft Azure is aimed at both end customers and partners, to whom, however, it leaves little margin.

Stellar Microsoft Azure Altri Provider
White Label
CSP-enabled Platform

CSP-enabled Platform (CSP = Cloud Solution Provider) refers to a Web platform that partners can use to provide their clients with Cloud services by keeping their own brand identity thanks to the White Label feature, which allows to customize domain, logo and colour scheme of the portal.

App Mobile
Sale only to Partners
Pre-Sale Phone Technical Support scarce
Migration with Direct Import
Post-Sale Technical Support optional It depends. Basic Support.
Commercial Support
Administrative Support
Performance Guaranteed
Cloud Server Infrastructure Transparency
Cluster Architecture not specified only a few
Linear Scalability of Resources
Cloud Server Backup Included
Data Backup Included
Advanced Software for Data Backup
Snapshot Management only a few
Cloud Server Backup Test
Remote Console via Web-Access generally, no
Server Events Records
Dedicated VLAN Management only a few
Monitoring Included optional

Become a Stellar Partner


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If you are a System Integrator, Web Agency, Developer or Consultant, you can become a Stellar partner without any cost.
Call us or write us to know more about that!

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