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Acronis File Sharing
secure collaboration with integrated data authentication

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Improve collaboration and productivity of your client teams.

Acronis File Sharing includes remote online authentication, verification and signature capabilities.


  • Optimize productivity and collaboration
  • Reduces security risks
  • Helps growth in turnover
  • Ensures the integrity of business-critical data
Acronis File Sharing Synchronization

Optimize productivity and collaboration

Improve your customers' operational efficiency by allowing them to easily share data and files with colleagues, customers and partners. Support your digital transformation journey by simplifying file and link sharing, access control with customized permissions, and electronic file signing and authentication.

Reduce security risks

Help customers reduce fraud, interference and data loss. Add a HIPAA compliant file sync and share service with encryption at rest and in transit, full control of data location, data authenticity based on the Ethereum blockchain for recording and verifying authentications.

Helps growth in turnover

Expand your offering with an advanced file sync and share service with support for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows PCs, Macs and all popular browsers. The ease of upselling to existing customers will allow you to increase loyalty and generate new revenue streams.

Ensure the integrity of business-critical data

Allow customers to authenticate files of all types and formats by generating a certificate that represents irrefutable proof that the file was authenticated at a specific time. Blockchain-based data authentication provides your customers with publicly verifiable proof of the integrity and authenticity of the data they use.

Features designed for secure collaboration

A simple, effective and secure file sync and share service, specifically designed to help you provide customers with data protection, authenticity and privacy to address today's threats and maintain regulatory compliance.

Secure file sync and share

Complete end-to-end encryption, enterprise-class audit trails, file and folder auditing, and sophisticated policy controls for users, applications, and data.

Access from any device

All the features to create, edit, sign, authenticate, verify and share data securely using your smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or other web-enabled device.

File authentication

Authenticates files of any format and type, generating a blockchain-based time-stamped certificate, irrefutable proof that the file is original and unaltered

Embedded electronic signatures

With a simple drag, drop, and sign operation, you can easily perform every step of the document workflow, from document creation to sending to multiple signers.

Acronis File Sharing