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1Backup Enterprise - Replicated Data

1Backup Enterprise
Starting at 0 ,12 + vat / GB / month

1Backup Enterprise with data replication allows to have a double copy of backed up data in the datacenter. The first copy is available on primary storage, while a mirrored second copy is automatically stored on a secondary physical storage.
The choice of Cloud Storage with replicated data is the right choice for those who have only a remote backup.

1Backup Smart - Single Copy

1Backup Smart
Starting at 0 ,06 + vat / GB / month

1Backup Smart with single copy offer a single copy of backed up data in the datacenter. The single copy is stored on primary storage only.
The choice of Cloud Storage with Single Copy is the right choice for those who run a remote backup and a local backup in the office.

Discover 1Backup Agents!

Server Agent - Protect Production Environments

Server Agents are the solution for all environments - Client and Server, Windows, Linux/Unix and macOS.
In addition to enable by default all modules to backup files, folders and email databases (Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail), the Server Agent can backup the most popular databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.
Thanks to the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS), Server Agent can also back up open files.
Server Agent provides add-ons on request to backup specific environments:

  • VMware modules
  • Hyper-V modules
  • Office365 mailboxes

Best suited for production-server environments like web servers, database servers, application servers (Navision, Teamsystem), remote desktop servers, mail servers (Microsoft Exchange, Kerio Connect, SmarterMail, MDaemon), Office365 mailboxes.
Best suited for clients to protect all data of a desktop/notebook fleet and to keep a copy of data in a place safe from theft, fires, floods and hardware faults.
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NAS Agent - Protect Synology and QNAP

Thanks to native modules for Synology and QNAP, you can protect company data that are stored on NAS units.
Deploying NAS Agents is quick and simple: install the dedicated client on the unit, and with a few clicks the 1Backup service is live and running.
Direct installation – the client for Synology and QNAP is installed directly on the NAS unit, without having to configure them as network units to make them available for backup.

Qnap Synology

1Backup Centralized Management Console

The 1Backup Cloud backup platform, together with the use of Server and NAS Agents, offers a centralized web console that has no equal on the market.
The 1Backup platform lets you monitor agents, backups, job schedules, statuses, alerts and much more, like changing backup schedules, modify backup jobs or start a remote backup.
And the App for iOS and Android devices allows you to keep your backups under control even in mobility!

Autonomous Resource Management

The 1Backup platform lets you manage in a completely autonomous manner the resources assigned to your account. Once you have the backup space you have purchased, you can distribute it as you wish to the agents you have created. And you can upgrade it in any moment according to your needs.

1Backup Sicuro

Safety and Protection

Keep your data, emails and server safe from accidental or fraudulent damages. With 1Backup you save your resources on the Cloud: all backups are encrypted with a personal encryption key before moving them to the Cloud.

1Backup Veloce

Convenience and Speed

Setup and infrastructural costs zeroed. The fee is proportional to the use and the amount of the service can be deducted from taxes. Compression helps to achieve quick backups with bad Internet connections.

1Backup completo

Complete and Scalable

Manage backups of all kind with a single solution and within a single Web Console. Is your business expanding? Add up more resources without expensive investments as you buy only the agents and the space you need.


  • Flexible backup jobs scheduling
  • Multiple schedules
  • Data encryption and compression
  • Complete, Incremental and Differential backups
  • Remote backups and additional Local backups
  • Backup data present in network shared
  • Email reports of backup results
  • Backup jobs statistics with advanced reports
  • Restore data also from Web Console
  • Multiple accounts / Sub-Admin management


  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Oracle
  • VMware
  • VMware

NAS Devices

  • Synology
  • QNAP

Default Modules

  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Volume Shadow Copy (VSS)
  • Windows System State Backup
  • Windows System Backup
  • MS Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Live Mail

On-demand Modules

  • Moduli VMware
  • Moduli Hyper-V
  • Mailbox Office 365

Backup Cloud Files From:

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace
  • OpenStack
  • AWS S3 Compatible Cloud Storage
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • FTP
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SFTP

Simple and Quick

Configuring backup agents is simple and intuitive: all you need is a couple of clicks to perform backups. The first backup requires more time and we offer different ways to handle it in the best way. Do a local backup on an external disk with our backup agent and send it to us. Data will be encrypted, compressed and readable only by the backup software and by who knows the encryption password. The first backup can also managed in an incremental manner, that is, by making smaller backups starting from the most important data. If you wish, the first installation and the first configuration can be performed with the guidance of our technical staff.


Check backups also from Smartphone and Tablet

Pricing and Licensing

1Backup pricing is simple and intuitive and doesn’t hide any unpleasant surprise! The service is quoted according to the number of required Agents and to the amount of storage space. Consulting or restoring backups doesn’t require any particular fee and don’t add up to the total price.
Agents: agents are the backup software that are installed on devices to protect. Each PC or Server to be protected requires the purchase of a Server Agent. To backup a NAS, you can buy a native agent compatible with QNAP and Synology NAS lines. Each NAS unit to be protected requires the purchase of a NAS Agent. Both Server and NAS Agents allow a granular restore.
In order to save and copy whole Virtual Machines, you need to buy 1 Server Agent -which acts as a link between the Cloud console and the VMware or Hyper-V host- and as many VMware or Hyper-V modules as the VMs on the hypervisor to be protected are. The VM module doesn’t allow a granular restore of data as it restores the whole VM. To backup Office365 mailboxes, you need to buy 1 Server Agent which acts as link between the Cloud console and the mailbox account and as many as Office365 modules as the mailboxes to be protected are.
Storage: storage is the disk space that is assigned to agents. The client can at any given time change the quota assigned to agents and re-distribuite space as will. 1Backup allows to set, without any additional cost, local and third-party storages as backup destination. The total space available for these backups cannot exceed the total Cloud space purchased. Example: if a client subscribes for a 1TB storage space, the client has 1TB on CoreTech Cloud infrastructure, but also 1TB to be used on local and Cloud destinations - for instance, 800GB on local storage and 200GB on Dropbox.


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