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N-able Antivirus

N-able Backup (Cove Data Protection)
Cloud backup for data and servers for companies and MSPs

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N-able Backup (Cove Data Protection)

N-able Backup (N-able formerly known as SolarWinds MSP) simplifies Data Backup and Restore processes and turns backup services into a profitability factor for your business.
N-able Backup hosts backups in the Cloud outside the local network for maximum security. Move 50x less data than traditional image backup and protect everything with AES 256-bit encryption. It reduces operational technical times and eliminates the costs of proprietary hardware.

N-able Backup (Cove Data Protection ™) offers cloud-based backup, disaster recovery and archiving. Protect servers, workstations and Microsoft 365 with efficient data protection as a service that includes cloud storage and a unified multitenant dashboard. Save time, use less storage, and keep backups safe from ransomware.


  • Backup and restore for Microsoft 365.
  • Cloud storage without appliance.
  • Automated recovery test.
  • Backup and restore of an entire server or workstation.
  • Backup and restore of a database.
  • Automatic monitoring 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Backup directly to the cloud.
  • 5x reduced storage space.
  • SaaS application with a single dashboard reducing backup control times.
  • Off-site backup on 30 data centers throughout the world.
  • Free storage.
Nable Antivirus Dashboard

5x reduced storage space

By lowering your data change rates, you can perform more frequent backups and keep more recovery points using the storage space you already have.

Less time for checking backups

N ‑ able Backup is a single dashboard SaaS application that offers maximum transparency across customers and super intuitive data sources.

N-able Backup, everything under control

Back up Microsoft 365 physical and virtual servers, databases, workstations, documents and data. Offer different levels of service with one product.

Restore an entire server or workstation

Recover entire devices quickly with bare metal recovery to new hardware or a virtual machine, even via physical-to-virtual recovery.

Restore a database

Whether it's SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, you can ensure rapid database-specific recovery and ensure customer business continuity.

Restore Microsoft 365 data

Extend backup services to all critical customer data avoiding nasty surprises.

N-able Backup Restore

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