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Secure Email Archiving in Cloud

1Backup MailArchive is a Cloud system capable of giving legal, technical and economic advantages through the secure storage safety of emails.
Each customer is created their own storage space (also called domain or storage instance) which is activated with the purchase of the first email storage box. Within your email archiving domain you can create as many archiving mailboxes as have been subscribed and allocate the relative disk space to them.
At any time you can add additional email archive mailboxes to your storage domain or you can increase their space. For example, a customer with his ROSSI SRL Archiving Domain could bring together the archiving of the box. In the same storage domain, the box or the box can also be stored.

The advantages



GDPR Compliance

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Service System Administrator

Our system provides an administrator control panel for each single Email archiving instance.
From the control panel it will be possible to add archiving mailboxes and define a series of policies / configurations.
You can decide whether to grant users full access to their email archive, or limit it, for example to read-only.

Quick email searches

At any time, users can easily carry out any type of search within the archive, while maintaining a high level of company productivity.

User access in MailArchive

Users can access archived emails via Microsoft Outlook, a web panel or mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Total protection against data loss

Emails can easily be lost due to technical problems, such as corrupt PST files, or deleted by users. When they leave the company, for example, the latter could delete the entire contents of the Inbox. This solution is able to completely eliminate these risks.


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